SHDT DH R&D DevOps Engineer

Job Description


Position Headline:

  As a software developer, participate high level design and full product iteration, take the ownership of middle-to-low level design and implementation


Areas of Responsibilties:

  • Be part of the worldwide development team for the AI Rrad Ccompanion product line. The software is being developed according to agile principles to be able to deliver value to our customers in a high quality and in short cycles
  • 做为公司产品线全球开发团队的一员。根据敏捷原则开发软件,能在短周期内向我们的客户交付高质量的产品
  • Be a full-stack developer mainly working on web-based frontend technologies and .NET based backend. The software is deployed in the Microsoft Azure cloud by supporting also hybrid edge scenarios and containerization. You will contribute to constantly improve our modern cloud software architecture
  • 云中。您将为不断改进我们的现代云软件架构做出贡献
  • Leverage dev ops principles like build pipelines and continuous delivery to support a faster delivery to our customers
  • 和持续交付,以支持更快地向客户交付
  • Be a contributor to the development of clinical prototypes to augment our AI product portfolio working closely with our scientific team in Princeton and our data science team in Erlangen
  • 为临床原型的开发做出贡献,以增加我们的人工智能产品组合,与普林斯顿的科学团队和爱尔兰根的数据科学团队密切合作

Organization: Siemens Healthineers

Company: Siemens Shanghai Medical Equipment Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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