IE Engineer 工业工程师

Job Description

Mission/Position Headline:
Analyzes and designs work systems in order to support general adherence to agreed standards, in order to ensure humanely and economical production and drives continuous improvement topics.

Areas of Responsibilty:

  • Plans equipment layout, workflow, and accidental prevention measures, and the respective processes and guidelines of production.
  • Contributes to budget development, and ensures adherence to agreed budgets in Industrial Engineering. 
  • Develops and Implements performance measurement and improvement initiatives.
  • Performs inspections and investigations, and analyzes technical manufacturing or logistics processes and sequences.
  • Plans, proposes and implements improvements projects on site or unit level, sets the respective targets, budgets and personnel resources, and steers the overall project process.
  • Conducts time and motions studies and derives time standards for production calculations.
  • Study, research, use lean tool, such as VSM, SMED etc. and train other engineers
  • Post / Product Line diagnostics with Plant Simulation. To make continuously progress to build the lean factory.
  • According the capacity and orders to calculate the necessary manpower needs for production.
  • Annual shop diagnostics to analysis and identify the Improvement Progress.
  • Manages overall ramp-up phase of new production & test equipment, or production launch of new products. and ensures life cycle support.

Dimension of Function/Volume:
  • Responsible to establish a standard method to monitor and update the capacity by post. Such as the standard cycle time, Overall Equipment Effectiveness.
  • Support project office on planning and execution. Such as layout designment, material flow in shop, capacity and manpower simulation, and other responsibilities related with project.

Contacts (internal/external):
  •       Internal: Lean activities related colleagues of other department in SSCL

  •       External: Lean partners outside of SSCL, e.g. MF-H Hagenau, MF-K Karlsruhe,  Peterborough, CD C

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Sensors & Communication Ltd.

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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