Factory Automation电子行业大客户经理 深圳

Job Description



For vertical electronics end user business development, we are looking for business development manager. The main responsibility is to support the sales organization of the assigned organizational unit in developing strategic and midterm business strategies, structures and processes, focusing options to exploit best market opportunities in vertical electronics.


What are my responsibilities?


• Performs long range strategic planning and analysis of electronics market, and prepares summaries, and performs operational activities enabling the exploitation of electronics customers.
• Create customer transparency and perform in depth competitor analysis.
• Evaluates opportunities for new or existing Siemens products in new markets, channels or customer target groups.
• Deploy push & pull strategy to generate turn over in respective channels such as OEM and SI, or direct business where applicable, according to Masterplan target.
• Collaboration with Sales Unit to systematically capture product & system opportunities in Siemens CRM tool.
• Driving DE concept towards to assigned customers, utilizing available technical support in technical BU & FA SUP/TSS (Service & Support/Technical Service Support).
• Performs project coordination in assigned projects and supplies information for the development of new strategies.

  • 针对电子市场,分析,制定和总结长远的策略方向,同时通过可执行的行动在电子行业拓展西门子业务。
  • 创建客户透明度以,对竞争对手进行深度分析。
  • 评估西门子现有及新产品在新的市场,渠道和目标客户群体中的机会。
  • 分别通过设备制造商,系统集成商,或是直接业务实施业驱动和供应商推进的业务策略, 产生出货订单。
  • 与销售部门合作,通过西门子客户关系管理软件,系统化地抓取产品及解决方案业务机会。
  • 充分利用现有的技术部门以技术服务团队资源,在负责的客户中驱动数字化企业概念。
  • 在负责的项目中进行协调管理,为新的业务策略发展提供信息。

What do I need to qualify for this job?


  • Major in Automation, Business Administration or relevant.
  • More than 6 years working experience in vertical electronics, understanding characteristics, trends, supplier chain operation of this branch.
  • Fluent & professional English skills on daily communication.
  • Key Account Management skills & mindset
  • Competence on organization coordination & leading virtual team running smoothly based business driven.


  • 自动化专业,工商管理及相关专业背景
  • 六年以上在电子行业的工作经验,了解行业特点、趋势、供应链价值链运营模式。
  • 流利且专业的英语用于日常交流
  • 大客户管理技能及管理思维模式
  • 具有组织合作能力,并且能够依据行业驱动带领虚拟团队顺利的开展业务

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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