西门子制造工程中心 电气柜结构设计工程师(上海-宝山)

Job Description


According to the requirement of the electrical design, required to complete the design of the structure drawing and list. Guide the assembly workshop.

What are my responsibilities?

1. Complete list of structure and drawing according to the project requirement. workshop.
2. According to customer requirements, complete assembly drawing and assembly drawing contained in the cabinet.
3. Guide the assembly workshop.
4. Provide consulting and training to offer manager, customer etc. if required.
5. Participate new product technology transfer and localization.
6. Design to cost.

What do I need to qualify for this job?
1. Professional basic knowledge of electrical cabinet structure design is solid, familiar with various specifications and regulations related to the industry, and know the professional knowledge and driving device of distribution cabinet products.
2. Be able to complete project design independently, familiar with electrical product structure design principle and processing method.
3. Be familiar with Solidworks, CAD and other software related to the design of this major, and use all kinds of general office software.
熟练掌握Solidworks, CAD及其他与本专业设计相关的软件,熟练使用各种通用办公软件
4. College degree or above in electric automation, engineering or equivalent
5. Can read and write English technical documents, Communicate with customer in English
What else do I need to know?
Siemens Manufacturing and Engineering Centre Ltd. (SMEC) was established in 1995 as a joint venture of Siemens Ltd. China and Baosteel Engineering & Technology Group Co., Ltd. Based on the principle of “Create Values for Customers and Best Services”, we provide customized systems and products in accordance with profound Siemens standards.

Business scope covers design, manufacturing, testing and on-site service for all kinds of control cabinet, automatic control system, low voltage switchgear, intelligent motor control centre and AC/DC drive system. Focus branches are CNC machine tool, pulp & paper, metals, food & beverage, wind energy, general machinery, industrial OEM and chemical etc.

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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