Automation Engineers电气自动化工程师

Job Description


In order to guarantee the steady development of business, ensure the quality of the implementation of the electrical engineering, standardization and implement policy, project site manager need to on site electrical installation, electrical construction standard to guide, supervise and check, coordination and communication between the hardware design, installation and debugging, the customer relationship, ensure the smooth progress of the site of the project implement and complete the installation quality check and accept.  


  • 项目设计阶段,了解客户需求,制定安装实施计划、方案,进行必要的安装设计,编制安装任务书,协助项目经理确定分包商以及对分包商进行内容交底和规范培训。
  • Project design phase, understand customer needs, formulate implementation plan, project installation, the installation of the necessary design, preparation of installation specification, assist project manager to determine the subcontractor and the subcontractor the disclosure of the contents and standard training.
  • 现场实施阶段:负责图纸下发,制定详细施工方案和计划,协调资源需求,协调、解决现场安装过程中出现的问题,确保项目调试按计划顺利进行;负责现场安装变更的管理;贯彻安装施工规范、质量计划,制定电气安装质量检验计划、过程文件、报告等等。
  • On-site implementation stage: responsible for the drawings, construction scheme and detailed planning, coordinating resource requirements, coordinate and solve the problems in the process of installation, ensure project commissioning smoothly as planned;Responsible for on-site installation change management;Carry out installation construction specification and quality plan, electrical installation quality inspection plan, process documents, reports, and so on.
  • 项目验收阶段:编制整理电气安装验收文档、验收报告等,质量文件归档。
  • Acceptance stage of the project: establishment and electrical installation acceptance document, acceptance report, such as the quality of filing.
  • 整理完善通用电气安装规范。
  • Perfect general electric installation specification.
  • 整理完善电气安装分包任务书及报价标准模板。质量验收流程规范等
  • Complete electrical installation of the subcontract specification and quotation standard template.Quality acceptance process specification, etc


  • 3年的电气自动化系统工程设计、安装和调试经验 3 years of electrical automation systems engineering design, installation and debugging experience
  • 2 年汽车或物流行业电气设计经验 2 year experience electrical hardware design in automotive or logistic industry 
  • 绘图软件相关知识Knowledge related with drawing software . EPLAN or RUPLAN and AutoCad
  • 电气相关国家标准State standards related with electricity
  • 西门子自动化及驱动的相关技术知识Technical knowledge related with automation and drive products of Siemens
  • 行业常用第三方产品知识   Knowledge about the frequent used third party products
  • 行业用户标准  customer standards 

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Factory Automation Engineering Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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