低压电机培训生 DI LVM F4 Program, 北京

Job Description

LVM F4 Program Introduction

LVM F4 Program介绍

LVM F4 Program is personnel cultivation program which proposed by DI MC LVM. F4 represent Fight, Focus, Fun and Future. The employees in this program will join 12 months training in sales department, digital enterprise department, Low Voltage Motor headquarter and motor factory to learn motor market development, engineering, digitalization and intelligent manufacturing, etc. After training, the employees will start to work as regional sales support or low voltage motor digitalization developer in LVM China.

LVM F4 Program是西门子数字化工业集团运动控制部低压电机事业部推出的人才培养计划,F4代表奋斗(Fight)、聚焦(Focus)、乐趣(Fun)和未来(Future)。通过12个月在销售部、数字化企业部、低压电机全球总部和电机工厂轮岗培训,参与到高效电机领域市场拓展、工程技术、数字化和智能制造等工作,培养出低压电机业务专家。期满后,正式开展高效电机市场拓展或低压电机数字化等新业务模式方向工作。

Warmly welcome graduates in 2022.


What do I need to qualify for this job?


  • Master or above, graduates in majored in Motor, Mechanical and Automation , Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and related majors
  • Open-minded and strong global view, be capable of working in LVM China and LVM HQ
  • High adaptability. Be willing to work in different cities and environment
  • Pro-active. Accept challenge. With potential leadership.
  • Prior to him/her with working experience as leader of student union or association.

    What can I learn in LVM F4 Program?

    我通过LVM F4 Program能学到什么?

  • Learn necessary career skills and professional knowledge
  • 在西门子成功所需的职业技能和专业知识
  • Wide view and broad contacts
  • 广阔的视野和宽广的人脉
  • Freshness feeling and challenge of working in different cities and working roles
  • 不同城市和岗位的新鲜感和挑战
  • Competence of quickly personal career promotion
  • 个人职业生涯快速发展和提升所具备的能力

  What are my responsibilities (after LVM F4 Program training?


  As Regional Sales Support


        -      Responsible sales specialist function for  LVM business in defined region/territory

        -      全权负责所定义销售区域的低压电机业务;

        -      Support and cultivate sales to develop new customer and business.

       -      培养支持销售开发低压电机新客户和新业务;

        -      Grasp business opportunities and increase LVM market share in responsible area.

        -      扩大所负责区域的低压电机市场份额。

  As motor digitalization business developer


       -      Motor digitalization business promotion in sales region

        -      低压电机数字化业务推广

        -      Research motor digitalization business mode

       -      研究低压电机数字化业务模式

        -      Develop motor digitalization partnership ECO-system

        -      发展低压电机数字化合作伙伴生态系统

   LVM Introduction


    Motion control (MC) business unit in Digital Industry (DI) has a complete product portfolio and solutions, which continuously creates value for customers in many fields.
    Low voltage motor (LVM) is one of the core business departments of DI MC. It is mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of small and medium-sized low-voltage three-phase asynchronous motors and related accessories. Its main products include general motors, explosion-proof motors, low-voltage high-power motors, special purpose motors and other customized motors. At present, LVM headquarter is located in Shanghai. It has three operational hubs in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, six factories in Czech Republic, Germany, Mexico and China, with more than 6000 employees, providing products and solutions to more than 5000 high-quality customers in the world. Siemens standard motor (China) Co., Ltd., located in Yizheng, Jiangsu Province, has been repeatedly rated as the best Factory in Siemens DI China, producing more than 1 million small and medium-sized low-voltage motors every year.
    Siemens has a long history and rich experience in the field of motor R&D and manufacturing 155 years ago, Werner von Siemens discovered the dynamo-electric principle and developed the dynamo machine that could convert large amounts of mechanical energy into electrical energy for electric lighting, metallurgy, power transmission. This paved way for the advent of electric motors in industrial production. Since then, Siemens has been treating motor R&D and manufacturing as one of its core businesses.


      西门子数字化工业集团运动控制部(DI MC)拥有完整的产品组合和解决方案,在众多领域持续为客户创造价值。



Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Recent College Graduate

Job Type: Full-time

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