Factory Automation 西门子数字化工业 FAST未来智造星培训生项目_ 产品销售专员方向

Job Description

西门子数字化工业 FAST未来智造星培训生项目_销售方向
Siemens Digital Industries FAST Future Automation Star Trainee Program

Program Introduction
工厂自动化事业部是全球自动化技术和系统的市场领导者。 我们提供广泛适用于众多行业的TIA全集成自动化解决方案,经济可靠的SMART小型自动化解决方案。同时,也大力投入数字化与未来自动化的创新研发及应用,如通过虚拟仿真技术,可以显著减少工业客户的研发时间和成本;将人工智能技术与工业实际场景深度耦合,通过机器学习和深度学习技术,让工业现场端的感知更加透彻,运营更加稳健,控制更加精确,将工厂生产率提升至一个全新的水平。
The Factory Automation Business Unit is the global market leader in automation technologies and systems. We offer comprehensive product portfolio and solutions that continue to create value for customers in a wide range of areas. TIA - Totally Integrated Automation is applicable to a wide range of applications and industries; SMART automation solution is excellent price performance, reliable and easy to use.  
Meanwhile, we also invest heavily in innovative R&D and applications of digitalization and future automation.  Through virtual simulation technology, it can significantly reduce the research and development time and cost of industrial customers; deeply coupling artificial intelligence technologies with actual industrial scenarios, making perception more thorough, operation more robust and control more precise at the industrial site end through machine learning and deep learning technologies, and raising factory productivity to a whole new level. 
FAST Program is designed to be the first career refueling station for fresh graduates after you step off campus.
In the ten months of FAST (Future Automation Star Trainee) program, you will learn rich theory and practice, experience challenging job rotations, build multi-faceted skills, explore career strengths and development strategies, and gain core knowledge structure, mindset and confidence to meet future challenges in a dynamic and learning environment together with many university graduates from all over the world!
In FA BU, we encourage you to take the initiative to grasp career growth opportunities based on your strengths, and to expand and shape your career competitiveness in the trend of the intelligent manufacturing.

加入我们,你能够在这里获得知识、增长技能、积累人脉 ,更能与我们一同创造数字化工业时代!

Do you want to be elite in Industrial 4.0 to pioneer the future? Then please don’t  hesitate to join in Siemens DI FA 20 Trainee Program which will give you a wonderful platform with systematical training in industrial products , project execution and job rotation. Here, you will start a journey full of energy and learning culture with young peers to accomplish processional career development.
Join in us, you will not only gain solid knowledge, improve your skills but also help to build up business network. And let’s embrace and build up the industry digital world together here at Siemens.

Your responsibilities include but not limited to:
After customized technical and skill training(Communication skill, working method, presentation skill, Negotiation skill and Commercial knowledge), the trainees should be developed as Sales Engineer with high competence and knowledge in. automation, digitalization product and system. 
Master all automation, digitalization product and system portfolio, product and system knowledge     
Know engineering project execution both on technical aspect and project management. Meanwhile, through training in project, have deep understanding of product application and branch know-how.
Sales support and configuration                                                                                                                    
Learn sales process, Customer relationship management, and internal network buildup      
What do I need to qualify for this job?
本科或以上学历,电气工程, 自动控制,机电一体化,计算机,工业工程,系统工程等理工科专业的2022年应届毕业生  
Bachelor or above, graduates in majored in Electrical Engineering, Automation, Mechatronics, Computer Science, Industry Engineering, Systems Engineering and related majors in Science and Engineering are preferred.
Willingness to embrace the changes  
Good communication skills
Fast learning ability
Team player, excellent service attitude 
Skilled in English listening, speaking, reading and writing
Customer focus, result and quality orientation

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Recent College Graduate

Job Type: Full-time

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