西门子 运动控制 起重机部 港口业务拓展经理(上海)

Job Description

For Crane segment in Motion Control business unit, we are looking for Technical BD. The main responsibility is to push Siemens Crane Product, System and Solution to the market and customers, and support sales person to win projects within his/her responsible area. Particularly for this time is to focus on the implementation of pull strategy for harbour end users including group account, top ports and so on.

What are my responsibilities?
• Get transparency from his/her responsible area/vertical with BU standard process and systematic 
• Managing update to date pipeline and make a reasonable forecast of crane business 
• Facility sales on target key projects  
• Knowledge transfer to sales for application for his/her responsible vertical / area. 
• Regular review with HQ for top Account customer info 
What do I need to qualify for this job?
• Engineering or project sales in relevant area 
• Technical experience from pre-sales or engineering or project management 
• 3 years working experience  
• Good communication skills internally and externally, and good ability to listen 
• Good presentation skills to present in front of large audience 
• Quick learner with good business sense. 
• Ability for structured & analytic approach to analyze status, propose measures, implement and follow-up 
• Team work spirit 

What else do I need to know?

Customer Management 
The sector-relevant customers can be generally classified into the following:
End Users
These customers (e.g. Port Authorities, Terminal Operators, Steel Mills, Bulk Handling terminals) decide on the future development of their respective ports or plants, as well as modernisation and rehabilitation of existing facilities. Some of these customers are globally-acting and therefore, represent a key focus area.
Although Consultants are not responsible for the purchasing, they specify the design of the equipment and are involved in the selection of the electrical supplier. These customers are also globally acting and again therefore, of significant importance. 
Crane manufacturers / OEM’s
This customer group represents an important focus area for the product and system business, as well as complete projects. 
System Integrators
This customer group represents an important focus area for the product and system business.Additionally, contact to the local or regional associations which provide a valuable source of information for the development of the business should be established. 
Customer Management Tasks:
1. Support the generation and the regular updating of the customer profile and development plan of each important customer. 
2. Systematically gather information about the installed equipment and customer preferences of technology and supplier.
3. Conduct regular presentations, technical as well as sales promotional to all important customers and/or customer groups. 
Business Development Tasks:
1. Ensure that projects’ list in the cranes sectors are identified, documented and maintained – the lists should be reviewed on a monthly basis as a minimum. 
2. Support the marketing manager in conducting trade fairs, promotions, advertisements and technical presentations.
3. Support the marketing manager in systematically gathering information on competitor’s products, organization and strategies.
Business Promotion Internal Tasks:
1. Support the build-up of competence of the local Account Managers.
2. Contribute to the monthly forecast for order intake and EBIT.
It is expected that the Technical BD for Harbour provides a regular reporting of his activities. This includes the following:
1. A quarterly report of activities, covering all important aspects of the business. This report should also cover customer visits undertaken in the reporting period, as well as customer visits planned in the following quarter. 
2. Weekly updates on current issues, e.g. potential projects, customer feedback, conflicts, trends, quality issues, …
3. Monthly review with HQ for key accounts (global terminal operator) updates
4. Project list including win/loss analysis, with updated status. 

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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