(SEDS) Testing Engineer 测试工程师

Job Description

Main Tasks:

  • Responsible for supporting technology customer witness test, cooperate with R & D \ CE engineer to conduct verification test, Standardization and improvement test operation procedure, training new test technician, solve all failure problems during test, build up new test bench.
  • 负责支持技术客户目击测试、配合研发\材料工程师进行验证试验、测试操作流程的标准化与改进、新测试作业员培训、解决测试中的故障问题、新建测试系统平台


  • SEDS is the leader in the high voltage frequency converter industry. Excellent product technology. It is the preferred product of high voltage frequency converter for customers.
  • SEDS是高压变频器行业中领导者,产品技术卓越,是客户高压变频器首选产品

Job Responsibility: 

  • Technical support for customer witness test of product acceptance at the factory. according to test report and procedure to do testing. communicate and answer customers' technical questions (used English)
  • 技术支持客户在工厂进行产品验收目击测试。按测试报告和流程进行测试,交流并回答客户的技术疑问(英语沟通)
  • Support CE engineer to make some special verification tests for materials, mainly electrical tests.
  • 支持材料工程师进行一些材料的特殊验证试验,以电气类试验为主
  • Cooperate with R&D to conduct prototype test of high voltage frequency converter
  • 配合研发进行高压变频器样机试验
  • Solve the failure issues in the production and testing process of high voltage frequency converter, and coordinate with related departments to analyze and solve difficult problems. Summary problems, analyze fault causes, improve troubleshooting manual and training test operators;
  • 解决高压变频器生产测试过程中的故障,协调相关部门分析解决疑难问题。汇总问题、分析故障原因,完善故障解决手册并培训测试作业员
  • Establish and improve standard operating procedures for testing high voltage frequency converters to improve operation quality and safety, improve work efficiency and shorten time
  • 建立及改进高压变频器测试标准作业流程,提升作业质量与安全,提升工作效率,缩短时间
  • Training of new test operators
  • 新测试作业员培训
  • Technical participation in new product localization project, design and build up new test system and platform, define test content and draft test documents.
  • 新产品本地化项目技术参与,设计和新建测试系统及平台,定义测试内容和编写测试文件


  • Bachelor degree or above, major in electrical or related
  • 本科以上学历,电气类相关专业毕业;
  • Good in spoken and written English, able to communicate with foreign customers
  • 英语口语及书面表达良好,能与国外客户顺畅沟通
  • There is technical background of some products related for high and low voltage frequency converter
  • 具有一些高低压变频器产品技术背景
  • Familiar with the basic principle and testing procedure of high voltage converter, at least 2 years testing and debugging experience of high voltage converter.
  • 熟悉变频器的基本原理和测试程序,至少2年以上变频器测试、调试工作经验      
  • Able to bear hardships and stand hard work and obey the arrangement of leaders.
  • 能吃苦耐劳、服从领导安排
  • Good safety awareness and ability to deal with emergency situations.
  • 有很好的安全意识,和处理紧急情况的能力

Organization: Portfolio Companies

Company: Siemens Electrical Drives (Shanghai) Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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