SHDM Sr. Engineer, OT System 运营技术网络工程师

Job Description

Your tasks and responsibilities:

•作为高级工程师,该职位在特定的工程领域执行合适的任务和只能。 识别和解决基本问题,并应用解决问题的技能,以处理大多数情况。

As a Senior Engineer, this position performs moderate tasks and functions in the specific Engineering field.  Identifies and resolves basic problems and applies problem solving skills in order to deal with most situations.


Assist in setting up the OT infrastructure (servers, racks, switches, systems)


Administer and maintain OT system (Patching Servers, Networking, Antivirus, Disaster Recovery,Virtual Environments)


Administer Active Directory 


Develop validation/commissioning protocols and lead validation activities


Transfer and localize OT standard workflows and processes from Walpole


Other related projects or tasks assigned by superior or company.

Your attributes and skills:


Typically 10 years of successful experience in related field and successful demonstration of key responsibilities and knowledge.

•掌握TCPIP等网络协议,掌握Linux系统的体系结构,掌握WINDOWS Server 操作系统,掌握操作系统的配置和管理。

Experience working in TCPIP and other network protocols, master the architecture of Linux system, master windows server operating system, and be familiar with master the configuration and management of operating system.

•掌握Windows AD域环境常见配置和管理;网络层优化经验。

Master the common configuration and management of windows AD domain environment.

•掌握虚拟机技术,熟练应用VMware vSphere。

Master VMs tech,experience VMware vSphere.


Experience in generation and execution of validation protocols


Preferably in the Pharmaceutical or Life Science Industry.

Organization: Siemens Healthineers

Company: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Manufacturing Ltd., Shanghai

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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