质量工程师 苏州/上海

Job Description

If you really want to make a difference – make it with us.

Can you help us shape the future? We’re looking for dedicated people with the skills and vision to build a better tomorrow. Join us as a Quality Engineer and help us create the technology that will transform entire industries, cities and even countries.

Your new role – challenging and future-oriented.

1.Responsible for new product quality planning according to Siemens PLM process (FMEA, APQP, PPAP)

根据西门子PLM流程(FMEA, APQP, PPAP)负责新产品的质量计划

2.Responsible for products review with suppliers and leading supplier process audit with VDA 6.3

负责与供应商的产品评审,并根据VDA 6.3主导供应商的过程审核

3.Responsible for quality control plan for incoming inspection and training


4.Responsible for ensuring supplier quality of external procured material, parts and components


5.Be able to analyze and resolve quality problems with Q-tools in system (8D, SPC, CAPA….)

能够运用质量工具系统(8D, SPC, CAPA....)分析和解决质量问题

6.Implement supplier complaining management, tracking and quality problem solving


7.Cooperation in supplier selection with regard to quality performance


8.Implement suppliers' monthly quality evaluation according to internal procedure, etc


9.Responsible for initial sample inspection requirements review from quality side


10.Participate in the cross-functional sourcing committee from quality side


11.On-site problem solving for customers and explanation if necessary


Your qualifications – solid and appropriate

1.Bachelor’s degree or above in electrical, mechanical engineering or automation


2.Minimum 3 years WA (Wiring Accessory) or intelligent (smart home) product experience, and quality and manufacturing experience is preferred

至少3年WA(开关插座)或智能(智能家居) 产品经验,有质量和制造经验者优先

3.3 years experiences in Supplier Quality Management field


4.Familiar with drawings, specifications, material analysis and inspection process


5.Highly trained in more than 1 commodity area – expert in engineering /manufacturing process for injection, stamping, EMS or electronic

在以下一个以上领域受过良好培训 - 精通注塑,冲压,电子制造系统或电子等工程/制造工艺

6.Significant experience in PPAP requirements (i.e. Control Plan, PFMEA)

对PPAP的要求有丰富的经验 (如控制计划,PFMEA)

7.Familiar with ISO9000, supplier audit VDA 6.3 and CCC relative specifications

熟悉ISO9000,供应商审核VDA 6.3和CCC相关规范

8.Familiar with customer complaint by implementing 8D methodology (including 5WHY), and make Lessons learned for the whole team

熟悉通过实施8D方法(包括5WHY) 处理客户投诉,并为整个团队总结经验教训

9.Familiar with product quality data's statistics, summary and analysis, and calculation of CPK index of products


10.Experience in new product quality planning with FMEA, APQP, PPAP

有使用FMEA, APQP, PPAP进行新产品质量计划的经验

11.Good interpersonal skills, team orientation, problem solving skills, and good computer competency


12.Flexibility on travelling


13.Good communication skill and good in English reading and writing, and speaking is a plus

良好的沟通能力, 良好的英语读写能力,口语良好者优先

If you are interested, please just apply for the position. We are looking forward to getting to know you!

At Siemens, we value diversity as the inclusion of and collaboration of different thinking, background, experience, expertise and individual qualities across all organization levels and dimensions. We encourage and support our employees to develop their personal skills and strengths, regardless of gender identity, nationality, age, religious beliefs etc.. We believe diversity strengthens our innovative capacity, unleashes the potential of Siemens’ employees, and thereby directly contributes to our business success.  

Organization: Smart Infrastructure

Company: Siemens Electrical Apparatus Ltd., Suzhou

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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