FY22 Campus - SSME MP Test Engineer

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上海西门子医疗器械有限公司 (SSME) 成立于1992年,是西门子医疗影像及临床设备方面重要的全球研发、制造中心之一,致力于CT计算机断层扫描仪、X光摄影系统、移动C形臂、数字化医疗、及相关零部件的研发生产和客户服务。2007年,SSME迁入上海国际医学园区(周祝公路278号),占地面积10万平方米。公司目前有员工超过1100多名,研发人员占总人数35%以上。依托强大的创新能力,至2021年8月,公司已拥有近700项专利。多年来公司积极响应政府倡导,通过自主创新提高本地研发能力,已连续多次被上海市政府授予“高新技术企业”称号,并被国家知识产权局认定为“国家知识产权优势企业”。我们的产品70% 出口到欧盟、美国、日本、韩国等全球150多个国家和地区。

Main Responsibilities

Support regulatory registration, product verification, R&D and production line process management.

Perform concept investigation, assembly, adjustment, Testing work in whole product lifecycle.

Communicate with third party test lab, NMPA authority and write related registration document.


Biomedical Engineering, Electric & Electronic Engineering, mechanical-electrical integration, bachelor’s degree or above

Have stronger learning skills and independent thinking ability.

Good ownership and communication and teamwork spirit

Founded in 1992, Siemens Shanghai Medical Equipment Ltd. (SSME) is today an important R&D and manufacturing base of Siemens Healthineers covering Computed Tomography (CT), X-Ray products, Mobile C-arms, Digital Health products, Mechatronics products as well as Customer Services. Deeply rooted in China for over 20 years, SSME has been consecutively honored with “High-Tech Enterprise” by Shanghai municipal government,  and is certified as “Enterprises with IP Advantages” by China National Intellectual Administration in 2019. The philosophy of local development with global perspective has guided the company in providing world-class products to healthcare institutions across China and the world with continuous innovation. Located in the heart of Shanghai International Medical Zone with land area over 100,000 m², SSME has grown substantially over the past two decades, starting from a simple assembly works to a fully-fledged R&D and manufacturing base today for Siemens Healthineers globally. SSME commits itself to continuous development in high quality, innovative and affordable medical equipments and solutions to support its customers to fight the most threatening diseases, to raise quality and productivity in healthcare, and to enable healthcare providers to increase value.

Organization: Siemens Healthineers

Company: Siemens Shanghai Medical Equipment Ltd.

Experience Level: Recent College Graduate

Job Type: Full-time

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