Intern of Production Engineer 生产工程师实习生(天津)

Job Description

-Dispose, organize and supervise a group / production unit  to complete the production tasks according to the requirements of production program and orders, working procedures, workflow, processes. 
The quality, quantity, deadlines and cost is also ensured./布置、组织和督促小组按照生产(工作)计划、订单要求、工作流程完成生产任务,同时保证生产质量、数量、交货期和成本的要求。
-Manage production field (incl. 5S,EHS, visualization...), monitor production process(incl. people, machine, material, method, ring). If there is any deviation, the related measures shall be initiated in order to provide a transparent and accurate database for decision making. /管理生产现场(包括5S,EHS,可视化...),监控生产过程(包括人、机、料、法、环)。当与标准和要求有偏差时,应采取相应的措施。同时,确保数据的透明度与准确性以便为管理决策提供支 
-Plan, assign as well as rearranging in case of disruptions personnel, processes, machines, materials and production facilities ,etc. so that an optimized organization and processes can be achieved. If it can't be solved, it shall be escalated immediately./对于生产过程中的中断(包括人员、流程、设备、材料和生产工具等),应采取相应措施以尽快保证生产的顺利进行。若无法解决,需迅速升级
-Actively Focus more on CIP Projects. Initiate, encourage and guide a continuous improvement process within the employees (groups), in order to realize "lean" as well as to achieve cycle time, quality, productivity, efficiency and cost improvements. Reduce the waste. /积极关注持续改善项目,。启动、鼓励和指导小组成员持续优化生产流程从而实现“精益”原则以及交货期、质量、产量、效率和成本的优化,减少浪费
-Supervise and ensuring the product quality (analyze deviations and , implement quality improvement measures ,regulations, etc.) / 监督确保产品质量(分析缺陷,执行质量改进措施和规定等)

-Major in Electrical automation ,computer , Industry engineer/电气自动化, 计算机,工业工程 专业
-Fluent English  英语流利
-Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Web)熟悉办公软件

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Electrical Drives Ltd.

Experience Level: Student (Not Yet Graduated)

Job Type: Part-time

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