Siemens Mobility China - Yutraffic - Team Assistant - Beijing

Job Description

For Human Resources in Beijing, we are looking for TA to shape the connected Mobility with us.

What are your responsibilities?

Assist the management to complete the company's administrative affairs and daily affairs within the Department

Assist relevant departments of the company to set up meeting arrangements, and sort out meeting minutes and post meeting contents if necessary

Be responsible for sorting and archiving department documents

Support on product procurement, logistics arrangement and other related issues

Assist in handling interview reception, meetings, training, organization and arrangement of company collective activities

Participate in the company's personnel performance management, attendance, etc

Complete other temporary work assigned by the management

What do you need to qualify for this job?

Certain level of word processing ability and be familiar with basic office software applications, such as word, Excel, PPT, etc;

Good language expression and communication skills, able to assist in organizing small and medium-sized meetings such as meetings.

Certain level of administrative professional knowledge and word processing ability, including official document writing, office document editing, etc.

Have certain organizational ability to spread the positive image of the company and reflect it well in the organizational work.

Bachelor degree or above, able to communicate in English

Experience in logistics or team performance management is preferred

Organization: Siemens Mobility

Company: Yutraffic Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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