SCADA 项目服务工程师

Job Description

What are my responsibilities?

- Automation and drive system related project implementation, e.g. Data collection, SCADA, Retrofitting etc. 

- On-site diagnosis and trouble shooting for automation and drive system.

- Provide technical support or maintenance to meet comprehensive demand for product, systems,  or plants.

- Customer technical training based on special requirement.

What do I need to qualify for this job?

- Be Familiar with SIEMENS SCADA software, such as WinCC, WinCC OA or Portal WinCC programming, configuration and related development. Be familiar with SIEMENS PLC or CNC system programming and configuration;
熟悉西门子SCADA软件,如 WinCC、WinCC OA 或博图 WinCC 的编程、组态及相关开发,熟悉西门子 PLC 或数控系统的编程和配置;

- At least 3 or more SCADA software projects based on WinCC / WinCC OA or other data acquisition projects.
至少完成 3 个或者以上的基于 WinCC / WinCC OA 等 SCADA 软件项目或其它类型数采项目;

- Be able to use visual studio, C # and other high-level languages for softwares and interface programming are preferred;
能够使用 Visual Studio、C# 等运用高级语言进行软件与接口程序开发者优先;

- IT knowledge or VC/BV, C/C++/C# experience are preferred. 
具备 IT 背景,或者具备 VC/VB、C /C++ /C# 、Python 编程经验者优先;

- Cloud platform development experience, such as Mindsphere, Aliyun and Azure are preferred.
具备云平台,如 Mindsphere、阿里云、微软云等开发经验者优先;

- Database operation and development experience, such as SQL server, Oracle are preferred.
具备主流数据库,如 SQL Server、Oracle 等操作、开发经验者优先;

- Bachelor degree or above in automation or related.

- 3-5 years practical engineering experience (designing, programming, installation, commissioning) on automation, electric drives or SIEMENS CNC, A branch application experience or digital project are preferred.
3-5 年的自动化控制系统、电气传动或数控系统实际工程项目经验,有行业应用经验或数字化项目经验者优先;

- Good command of both read and written English, CET-4 or above.
英语读写能力良好,CET-4 以上;

- Good communication skill and cooperation spirit.

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Factory Automation Engineering Ltd.

Experience Level: Early Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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