西门子数控电子工厂生产主管CU Team Leader

Job Description


负责CU部门生产管理和过程质量控制,协调生产过程中发现的材料、设备、产品问题的调查和处理,推动问题解决,持续改进过程,提高生产效率。 负责产线员工的管理和发展。保持生产平稳高效运行,提高产品质量,节约生产成本


-    生产流程控制、排班及考勤处理,确保生产线顺利运行,按时完成生产任务.

-    运用精益生产、价值流图、物料管理、流程优化和标准化作业等方法/工具改进生产过程.

-    统计和分析生产线的质量、机器/人员利用率和产出完成率.

-    致力数字化转型,使用数字化工具和方法进行持续改善.

-    协调相关工程师一起解决生产过程中发现的材料、产品和设备问题.

-    排班和考勤管理,人员管理和发展. 培训操作员掌握与生产相关的要求和规定、质量相关的标准和要求,执行CIP和3i、5S及标准化作业. 在CU推广多技能操作员/维护计划.

-    ISO9000和ISO14001审核支持,保持所有相关指导书和质量记录的有效性.

-    对责任区域内的环境、职业健康安全负管理责任. 确保零事故安全生产.


-   专科及以上学历

-    2~3年生产管理相关工作经验.

-    精益生产和数字化相关经验优先.

-    领导力、良好的影响力、沟通和协作能力,能与不同文化背景的人合你好地合作.

-    良好的学习能力,能迅速适应新事物.

-    开放性思维,拥抱变化. 充分了解精益和数字化.

-    良好的英语沟通能力.

-    良好的表达和协调能力.

Mission of Function?

CU production flow control, process quality control, trouble shooting and problem solving, enhance the productivity and continuing improve process, people management and development. Keep CU production run smoothly and high efficiency, improve product's quality and save cost of production.

What are my responsibilities?

-    Production flow control, shift arrangement and attendance handling, ensure the production line run smoothly and complete the task in time

-    Improvement of production line with methods and tools like: Lean production, VSM, Material management, Process optimize and Standardized working….

-    Statistic and analysis the quality, machine/labor utilization and output of production line

-    Support the digitalization transformation of the production. Conduct the CIP with the digital tools and methods.

-    Troubleshooting of PCB & module production problem and equipment problem with the related engineer.

-    People management and development. Shift arrangement and attendance management. Coach operator for production related know-how and regulation, quality guideline, implement CIP and 3i, 5S and standardized work. Promote multi-skill operator/maintenance program in CU.

-    ISO9000 and ISO14001 audit supporting, keep all the relevant instructions and quality records valid instructions and quality records valid.

-    Take the management responsibility about EHS within responsible area. Ensure zero accident of

safety production.

What do I need to qualify for this job?

-    Bachelor degree

-    2~3 year production management related working experience

-    Lean production and digitalization knowhow is preferred

-    Leadership, good influence, communication and collaboration skill, can work well with people from different cultural backgrounds 

-    Good learning ability, can adopt new things quickly

-    Strong logical analysis and problem-solving competence

-    Out of box thinking, sufficient knowledge about lean and digitalization

-    Good English communication skill

-    Good presentation and moderation skill

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Numerical Control Ltd., Nanjing

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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