SHDM (Sr.) Engineer, Facilities-Electrical (资深)厂务工程师(电气)

Job Description

任务/职位简述 Mission/Position Headline:
The sr. engineer in the Facilities Engineering Group will develop requirements for Facilities electrical equipment/system, opeation and maintain responsibility for major capital projects from inception through introduction to production and beyond.
The sr. engineer will justify capital equipment expenditures, and deliver validated electrical equipment to the Shanghai site to meet existing and forecasted operational needs.  
• 识别并持续改进电气专业工艺和节省费用,达到预期目标。实施详细的电气容量分析,定义采购新设备或者新工艺的需求,满足现场扩充目标
This sr. engineer will also identify and implement electrical discipline process improvements and cost reductions to achieve continuous improvement goals.  The engineer will conduct detailed  electrical discipline capacity analyses and define needs related to acquiring new equipment and processes in support of expanding site requirements.
• 确定设计和测试的性能要求,包含详细的工作指导。
This individual will confirm performance by designing and conducting tests, including detailed work instructions.
• 具备工作任务责任心,具有指导工程部门初级工程师及技术员的能力,有义务参加部门发展的开发,保证核心目标的实现
This individual will have task responsibilities and will be expected to mentor junior staff members and technicians within the engineering department.  The candidate will also participate in development of departmental methods intended to ensure business objectives will be met.

职责领域 Areas of Responsibilities:
• 负责指定的系统运行,维护,日常工作以及偏差控制
Responsible for assigned system operation, mainatenance, qualification routine tasks, and deviation and change control handling.
• 编制及跟踪电气专业月度及年度工作计划,管理相关记录,确保合规,包含日常运行,抄表,预防性维护保养,备品备件,耗材,应急反应,预算, 培训,故障检修等
Develop and track electrical discipline monthly and yearly work plan, manage related records to ensure comply compliance, including Routine operation, instrument data recording, Preventive Maintenance, Spare parts replacement, consumable request, embergency responding, training, trouble shooting etc.
• 按时完成政府监管需求的测试
Complete related testing based upon Bureau supervisory request
1) 在电气专业上配合厂务工程项目,包含新建及改造项目
Support FM(Faiclity Management) project on electrical discipline, including new and retrofit project.
Performs design, development, testing and modification of solutions.
2) 负责解释和澄清,合理评估技术规格,性能指标以及技术数据Performs explanations and clarifies information to enable proper interpretation and evaluation of specifications, performance characteristics or other technical data.
3) 有效沟通负责技术及商务事由,完成对新设计,新工艺或者设计变更的推荐工作以满足需求
Performs communication of technical and commercial issues.  Completes recommendations for new designs, new processes or design changes to meet requirements.
• 上级或者公司委派的其他任务
Other related projects or tasks assigned by superior or company.

职能范围/内容 Dimension of Function/Volume:
Working closely with local facility team and engineering other function like process, maintenance etc. functions. Ensure stable system operation, without impact to routine manufacturing and lab activity. 

教育 Education
•       至少5 年的相关工作经验 >=5 years related working experience.
• 有工厂相关行业工作经验, 有药厂或者生命科学工厂经验优先考虑
Experience working in a factory is desirable. Pharma or life science industry experice is a plus
• 拥有特定专业知识,并成功参与实施过项目
Demonstrates and applies a broad knowledge of field of specialization through successful completion project.  
• 扎实的基础知识
Successfully applies knowledge of fundamental concepts.
• 对于特定专业有实际经验
Practices and procedures of particular area of specialization.  
• 有能力演示业务活动
Demonstrates knowledge of organization’s business practices and issues.  

Education 教育
• 电气或相关专业学士学位或更高
BS/BA in electrical or related discipline, or advanced degrees, where required, or equivalent combination of education and experience. 
• 特定区域或许需要资格证书
Certification/ licensing may be required in some areas.
• 适用时,高等级学位可适当取代工作经验
Advanced degrees may be substituted for experience, where applicable.

Organization: Siemens Healthineers

Company: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Manufacturing Ltd., Shanghai

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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