西门子 通用运动控制 Marketing Trainee(南京)

Job Description

What are Marketing trainee’s responsibilities:
• 该职位旨在培养针对西门子产品和业务的市场传播与推广人才,主要工作职责是协助业务部门制定清晰的市场传播与推广方案,以及专业的市场数据分析和管理,来激励和支持亚太区相关业务组织,保障通用运动控制产品在各领域业务的成功。
• The target of this job is to bring up the marketing talent to support Siemens products/business, which needs to ensure the GMC business success in identified product market or branches, by motivating and supporting related A&P business organization, with clear marketing communication and promotion solution, professional data analysis and management skill.
• 了解相关产品和系统的自动化、数字化知识。  
• Have the knowledge of automation, digitalization for related product and system.
• 由专业的导师带领,让你的职业生涯步步精彩。
• You will be benefit from your personal mentor, who supports you to successfully achieve your career steps.
• 总部学习的机会,开拓的眼界和领导力的培养
• You will get the opportunity to work and learn from HQ, and benefit from a high level of visibility to top Leadership.
• 多元跨国文化的工作交流和学习,助力国际化职业能力的提高
• You join an international community to understand diversity working, to enhance the professional individuals by internationalization.
Other Responsibilities:
• 经过专业定制的工业技术培训和软性技巧(沟通技巧、工作方法、演讲技巧、商务知识等)培训课程,发展成为具备高素质的自动化、数字化知识的市场传播经理
• After customized technical and soft skill training(Communication skill, working method, presentation skill, and Commercial knowledge), the trainees should be developed as certified marketing&communication manager with high competence and knowledge in automation, digitalization of product and system.
• 从业务角度和项目管理方面了解市场项目执行过程。同时,通过培训和自我学习对产品知识和行业应用有一定的了解
• Know marketing project execution both on business aspect and project management. Meanwhile, through training in project and learning by doing, have deep understanding of product application and branch know-how. 
• 保持与总部和亚洲各区域的高效沟通
• Keep efficient communication between Headquarter and Asian regions.

What do I need to qualify for this job?
• 本科或以上学历,电气工程,自动控制,市场营销或市场经济等专业的优秀应届毕业生         
• Bachelor or above, graduate in current year, major in Electrical Engineering, Automation, marketing or marketing economics, and related majors are preferred.
• 积极主动,愿意拥抱变化 
• Passion and initiative. Willingness to embrace the changes  
• 出色的沟通和表达能力
• Good communication and presentation skills
• 良好的自我管理和快速的学习能力
• Well self-management capability and fast learning ability
• 具有团队合作精神、良好的服务态度 
• Cooperative spirit of team collaboration, good service attitude 
• 良好的英语听、说、读、写能力 
• Excellent English capability for listening, speaking, reading, and writing
• 关注客户,以结果和质量为导向 
• Customer focus, result and quality orientation
Other Requirements:
• 思维活跃,思路灵活敏捷,积极主动,愿意接受挑战。
• Open-minded, Smart thinking, flexible, highly motivated, and ready to take on challenges.
• 良好的系统化和逻辑性思维
• Systematic and logical thinking ability.
• 接受多地点工作。
• Accept mobility job.
• 语言优势,如德语,西班牙语为第二外语
• Language advantage, such as German, Spanish as a second foreign language

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Recent College Graduate

Job Type: Full-time

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