西门子 Factory Automation 工业电脑产品技术支持专员IPC FAE (上海)

Job Description


For Factory Automation, we are looking for SIMATIC IPC FAE (Field Application Engineer). The main responsibility is to push IPC business by providing technology support in the whole purchase chain including pre-sale and after-sale, support targeted customer to do pilot testing and provide appropriate SIMATIC IPC solution for application.

What are my responsibilities?
? Experts for the PC technology
• Provide PC technology support to target customer in the whole period of customer development including pre-sale and after-sale
• Taking SIMATIC IPC product to define the best solution for the application with deep understanding of SIMATIC IPC knowhow
? Support customer development
• Support customer development focusing on trouble shooting & technology consultant working together with IPC Sales Specialist and Siemens sales
• Collect, Analyze and summarize IPC application based existing and potential SIMATIC IPC product portfolios 
• In-house application testing and the best solution confirmation. 
• Onsite trouble shooting for key customers and solve the IPC technology problem and get best solution for customer
? Cooperation and support functions
• Technology training internally and externally
• Coordinate ESP, customer support & repair center and R&D as coordinator

What do I need to qualify for this job?
? Rich knowledge of PC regarding hardware and software (operating system level)
? Solid technical background and best with hand-on engineering experience with IPC
? 3-5 years working experience in PC/automation field
? Good communication skills internally and externally, and good ability to listen
? Good presentation skills to present IPC technology in front of large audience
? Be familiar with automation software setup, configuration
? Ability for Teamwork spirit

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Early Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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