西门子 通用运动控制 数字化业务拓展经理(上海)

Job Description

For General motion control business unit, we are looking for digitalization business developer who can identify digitalization market opportunity, support region PSS/BD/Sales colleagues to approach customers, develop GMC digitalization business by using Siemens solution. Draw up and implement strategies for Siemens GMC digitalization business, booster competitiveness in the digital market.
我们正在为通用运动控制业务部(GMC)寻找能够识别数字化市场机会、支持区域一线销售同事开发客户,并能发展GMC数字化业务的数字化业务拓展经理。制定并实施西门子 GMC 数字化业务战略,提升市场竞争力。

What are my responsibilities?
1. Draw up and implement strategies for Siemens GMC digitalization business, solve customers’ pain point, booster competitiveness in the digital market;
2. Systematically and professionally lead digital business development, research on market trend, enhance market transparency, reference summary, etc.
3. Coordinate necessary internal resources (resources from China locally and headquarters as well) to enhance GMC digital portfolio and solution;
4. Transfer GMC digitalization knowledge to related PSS/BD/Sales, support and motivate them to develop potential customers;
5. Approach potential key customers, understand customers’ requirement from specific branches, and offer digitalization solution consultant for customers;
6. Proactively join a variety of marketing activities internally and externally, promoting GMC digitalization solution
7. Work in team with other members and cooperate with other teams that take digitalization responsibilities from different perspectives within Siemens

1. 制定并实施西门子 GMC 数字化业务发展战略,解决客户痛点,提升市场竞争力;
2. 系统性领导和管理数字化业务,研究市场趋势,加强市场透明度,总结并分享案例等。
3. 协调所需的内部资源(来自中国本地和总部的资源),以增强 GMC 数字化产品组合和解决方案;
4. 传递GMC数字化知识给区域的一线业务同事,支持并激励他们开发潜在客户,获得订单;
5. 拜访潜在重点客户,从特定行业了解客户需求,并为客户提供GMC数字化咨询服务;
6. 积极参与各种内外营销活动,推广GMC数字化解决方案
7. 与组内成员合作,以及与西门子内部其他负责数字化领域的团队共同协作
What do I need to qualify for this job?
1. Be interested in Industrial digital field
2. Bachelor or above, electric or industrial automation related background.
3. Good knowledge in virtual commissioning, edge computing and drive side digitalization solutions …
4. Good presentation and communication capability
5. Knowledge in Siemens automation solution and products (i.e., PLC HMI, inverter, servo, etc.) and project experience is highly desired and is a big plus
6. Be suitable to work in pressure situation

1. 对工业数字化领域感兴趣,并充满激情
2. 本科及以上学历,电气或自动化相关专业教育背景 
3. 熟悉虚拟调试、边缘计算和驱动侧数字化解决方案等可以作为加分项
4. 良好的表达和沟通能力
5. 熟悉西门子自动化解决方案和产品(即 PLC、HMI、变频器、伺服等),有项目经验者优先
6. 具有一定的抗压能力

What else do I need to know?
General Motion Control main products are low voltage converters, 400V and 690V, power range from 0.12kW to several MW; servo drive and servo motor; gear motor. GMC products are widely used in iron & steel, metal, oil, electrics and battery, textile, logistics, packaging branch etc.

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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