西门子制造工程中心 EHS Engineer (上海-宝山)

Job Description


Responsible for continuous improvement in the environmental, health, and safety culture at the company site by improving the levels of environmental protection and safety awareness, regulatory compliance through the leadership of strong competency, heighten awareness, accountability and best practices.

What are my responsibilities?

1. Establishing and maintaining EHS management system with strategic and holistic perspective to ensure company continual improvement and sustainable development; Supervising and monitoring EHS management system implementation by the role of EHS leadership to ensure the all the EHS policy and rules integrated with company business procedures or process thoroughly and efficiently.

2. Providing training to staff at all levels by either routine or planned with a sufficient measure to ensure that all members of workforce strengthening their EHS awareness, recognizing their own contribution to protect environmental performance and concern occupational practice; working closely with coordinators and staffs by creating a culture of injury-free and friendly environment to ensure continual improvement and compliance in EHS activities.

3. Assisting company to set annual EHS targets and its evaluation methods, responsible for preparing annual EHS management review, coordinating and organizing implementation of EHS management system internal audits, external authorized institution audits, and customer audits; performing vendor EHS related audit under the SCM initiative; providing EHS direction, assistance and support for root cause analysis & corrective actions and recommendations to assure company EHS improvement efficiency.

4. Tracking any new or changes relating to laws and regulations of local government and siemens EHS policy periodically and timely updating company EHS management system accordingly which should be known to all as soon as possible; leading coordinators, relevant staff and managers to perform EHS risks assessment as planned to reduce the company’s environmental & occupational risks and financial costs.

5. Performing data entry and recordkeeping with systematically traceable, including energy conservation, accident and incident investigations, waste and hazardous materials disposal and other related information, to assure all the report and information validated to be provided

6. Conducting to assess the risks with PPE application to staffs who works in workshop and other who maybe be affected by their undertaking to assure the PPE provided to staffs suitable enough for purpose; training and supervising PPE on correct usage and maintenance.

7. Checking implementation of important facility management and services by periodical or planned, such as fire fight devices and equipment, elevator, escaping door and sign, power transformer room, earth-fault protection, catering service (food hygiene) and others, to ensure these facilities good condition and services with full compliance; organizing staffs to conduct annual drills of fire fight evacuation and contingent handling by testing company emergent preparedness to ensure company contingent plan effective.

What do I need to qualify for this job?


  1. Having 5years experience of working for EHS management system in the field of industrious sectors, excellent problem solving skills, conducted the investigation of incidents with good techniques to find root cause and proper corrective actions
  2. Strong experience to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff who across the all the departments.
  3. Good speaking and presentation skill, thorough understanding of risk management which relates to environmental, and loss control methodology.
  4. Possession of a certified Safety Engineer is preferred.

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Manufacturing and Engineering Centre Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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