SSMR MR Sequence Developer / 序列开发工程师

Job Description

Your mission and responsibilities
• Develop sequences and its image reconstruction method 开发序列及其图像重建方法
• Co-create with local research institutes on new MR application technique 与本地科研机构共同开发新的磁共振应用技术
• Generation of functional, design, test documents,  user guide, follow SSMR development process 撰写功能、设计和测试文档,使用说明书,遵循公司开发流程
• Collaborate and share targets with Siemens local collaboration team与西门子本地科研合作团队共同承担合作目标
• Evaluate and bring new application technique into product 评估并集成新应用技术到产品
Your qualifications and experiences
• Sequence and image reconstruction or clinical application 序列及图像重建或者临床应用
• MR theory, MR system and function 磁共振理论,磁共振系统及功能
• Familiar with programming and calculation language 熟悉编程或者计算语言
• Open minded, sharing, supportive and transparent 思想开放,分享,支持及透明
• Fluent in English reading, writing, speaking 英语听说读写流利

Organization: Siemens Healthineers

Company: Siemens Shenzhen Magnetic Resonance Ltd.

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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