SSME CT Concept Engineer-Usability and Human Interaction

Job Description


Work in a global R&D team to provide CT usability or human interaction concepts as design input and implement the useability design methodology on the product, with the insight from the customer perspective for product development, pre-development topics, customer needs and collaboration projects

  • -                 First point of contact for usability in the SSME CT, to developing concepts, process and realization for usability with impacts on user experience for operational excellence, standardization and quality tracking.
  • -                 Perform workflow analysis and user research to understand the context of use and elicit user needs and usability requirements.
  • -                 Provide clinical useability design input for new product development, based on corresponding intended use scenarios for the new product/features, by closely working with product managers
  • -                 Lead the clinical usability evaluation of system and/or feature concept design in new product development, including the formative/summative testing for useability assessment, by closely working clinical concept, UI/industrial design and R&D engineers.
  • -                 Lead the clinical useability validation for the new product development (and change managements), including the design of clinical useability validation plan user scenario, execution of the plan, observation of the useability design result, and summary the report, by closely working with system testing and other V&V teams.
  • -                 Support clinical useability assessment for install base customer complaints and quality improvement, as well as system/component changes during sustaining phase.
  • -                 Supporting clinical research for new product or functionality development, including user research, feedback collection and useability assessment, by closely working with clinical concept owners and product
  • -                 Providing clinical useability input for advanced technology or innovative solution development, organize usability activities in co-operation with internal teams (e.g. product managers, collaboration and marketing) to address customer requirements (especially Chinese-specified aspects), define UX concepts and trigger prototype development/realizations.
  • -                 Work as direct counter part of global R&D clinical concept team and UX team to horizontal programs/guidance in User Experience Design within- and across teams, advise on the usability aspect of design changes with the design team
  • -                 Ensure that usability engineering is applied according to international standards (such as IEC 62366, FDA/NMPA Guidance on Human factors).
  • -                 Interactions with authority and test institutions and support UX evaluation for product approval in China and globally.



  • -                 Strong sense of responsibility, integrity, energizing, results oriented, and able to multi-task and good teamwork.
  • -                 Innovative thinking, excellent analytical skills, and at the same time enjoys working creatively and hands-on in a dynamic and multidisciplinary setting – able to be resourceful and solve problems in an agile fashion.
  • -                 Ability to communicate ideas clearly and persuasively at an individual and group level, to develop team members and colleagues in business and technology and choose the right communication style or influencing tools
  • -                 Quick learning ability to understand technology and engineering knowledge for product design
  • -                 Capable of quickly grasping clinical concepts from customer communication and observation
  • -                 Excellent oral and written communications skills in English and Chinese, able to present the clinical scenarios with structured presentation


M.S. degree or above in below fields or related disciplines

  • -                 Human Machine Interaction and Usability
  • -                 Cognitive Psychology (with a Human Factors focus) or related field
  • -                 Usability Engineering
  • -                 Visual Design, Industrial Design, Interactive design,

Knowledge / Experience

  • Experienced with user centric research methodologies, useability design and research, and UX design expertise.
  • Proven knowledge of Human factors and interaction design, Usability methodologies
  • Familiar with product development process in medical equipment industry is preferred.
  • for Senior Engineer 3-5 years of relevant work experience is prefereable, and for Lead position 5-7 years work experience and 2-5 years of experience in the medical imaging industry in a large company in Healthcare is preferrable.

Organization: Siemens Healthineers

Company: Siemens Shanghai Medical Equipment Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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