SSMR AT 场地安装工程师 Factory Installation Engineer

Job Description

Your Mission and Responsibility

1. Follow working instruction to complete task with high production quality and efficiency; 遵循作业指导书,在保证质量的前提下高效完成工作任务; 

2. Lead the Factory Installation and finish tasks with high quality, high customer satisfaction rate and high efficiency; 

3. Drive to improve both the system assembly and Factory Installation processes; 推动系统装配和工厂安装流程的改善;

a,Lead the factory installation and start up on site 主导工厂安装与系统测试 
b,Support the room correction if necessary. 如有必要,支持现场机房整改工作。
c,Support the Production test if necessary。 支持工厂产品测试工作。 
d,Report the installation problem, errors in time and fixed the problem base on instruction。 及时报告安装过程中的问题、错误,并根据说明书解决问题; 
e,Finish record/report/documentation in time with good quality. 正确并及时完成记录/报告/文档的填写; 
f,Tasks assigned by the supervisor to support others 完成上级领导指派支持其他同事的任务; 

Education & Experiences

1/ College or above with major in mechanical, electronically or mechatronics; 大学及以上,机械学,电汽电力学专业等; 
2/ Minimum 2 years of working experience in Manufacturing /service is required; 具备至少 2 年在制造业/服务业领域的工作经验; 
3/ Has the advance technical skill according to AT SCM FI office training assessment scheme; and basic practice in Micro office software, e.g. Excel, PPT and word; 以 AT SCM 安装办公室部门的培训评估为依据,具备基本的技术技能;并且具有基本的办公软件技能; 
4/ Basic verbal and written communication skills in mandarin as well as English(CET4/6 is plus); 基本的普通话和英语口语与书面沟通技能(有 CET4/6 为佳); 
5/ Business results orientation; customer orientation; change management; collaboration & influencing; intercultural sensitivity; 以业务结果为导向,更好地完成事情;以客户为导向,能够了解客户的需求;能够接受改变;团结协 作,能够提供支持;具有一定的跨文化敏锐度,能够理解文化差异; 
6/ Out-going personality; hard-working; able to work under high pressure; 性格开朗;做事仔细,并能在压力下工作; 
7/ Frequent travel is required; 接受经常出差; 

Organization: Siemens Healthineers

Company: Siemens Shenzhen Magnetic Resonance Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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