Software development engineer – Transmission Builder

Job Description

Software development engineer – Transmission Builder

Mechanical transmissions are extensively used in many industrial applications, where they typically represent a failure-prone system, responsible for substantial energy losses, noise emission, and vibration excitation.

To design robust, efficient and silent gearboxes, a fast and automated workflow for parameter exploration at the initial concept design stage is crucial, as well as detailed numerical analysis of the gearbox behavior on both component and system-level.

Recently Siemens Digital Industries Software has released an application within the Simcenter 3D Motion product that supports the creation of detailed drivetrain multibody models so that the design/NVH engineer can focus on the tasks that are most important for him.

This application - Transmission Builder - supports the engineer with several tasks such as automatic CAD creation, multibody model generation, FE mesh automation and helps the engineer in selecting the proper modelling choices with respect to gears and bearings numerical models.

The successful candidate will join a team of developers and researchers to support the development of the Transmission Builder application within the Simcenter 3D Motion product. Tasks will range from extending features, innovate current workflows, implement application driven methods with the support of the research team and active interaction with the solver group.

Essential Functions:

* Work on identified development projects in the field of transmission design, gearbox simulation within a multibody simulation context;
* Develop new features in Simcenter 3D Motion Transmission Builder, maintain and modernize code structure, implement application oriented algorithms with the support of the research team.
* Interface with various development teams to ensure seamless integration of the newly developed workflows in the existing Siemens products;
* Ensure workflow and product completeness by evaluating implemented features against the documented product requirements;
* Develop material to showcase the use of new features and support documentation;
* Performing quality assurance, interactive and automated testing;
* Document and report any issues via our bug tracking system;
* Interface with support and consulting teams to provide guidance on related projects.


* This position requires a MS in computer science and/or in a related Engineering field where software development plays a key role.
* Proficiency in application of OOP using C#(.NET), C++ and Python is a must;
* Experience with Java is a plus;

* Proficiency in graphical user interface design with modern frameworks such as WPF of .NET.

* Knowledge of the Agile development principles is an advantage;

* Experience in the fields of multibody simulation, numerical modeling for gear contact simulations, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), design optimization and linear algebra is a plus;
* Excellent written and verbal communication skills (English language).
* An innovative spirit, good teamwork and cooperation skills rounds off the profile.

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Industry Software NV

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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