ZSB EHS Manager EHS经理(镇江扬中)

Job Description

SLC EHS Manager (镇江扬中)

What are my responsibilities?

1 Develop and maintain EHS Management system according to ISO14001 & 45001 and Chinese laws and implement with the support of the ZSB Management Team
根据ISO14001&45001和中国法律,建立和维护EHS管理体系,并在ZSB管理团队支持下实施 2 Responsible for updating procedures that may affect the organization and their individual responsibilities outlined in the Company Health, Safety and Environmental Policies
负责更新公司程序文件中可能影响公司健康、安全和环境政策的,组织及个人职责定义等内容 3 Ensures the compliance status of EHS related procedures within ZSB. Addresses non compliances to relevant departments and follow up corrective actions. Drives the improvement of all EHS related processes within the organisation
4 Leads the EHS incident investigation. Follow up corrective and preventive action plans related to EHS incidents
领导EHS事故调查。跟进与EHS事故的相关纠正预防措施 5 Communication and liaison with internal and external partners on matters related to EHS
与内外部合作伙伴就EHS相关事宜进行沟通联络 6 Initiate Safety Training for ZSB personell and related 3rd parties
ZSB员工和相关第三方人员,发起安全培训 7 Functional leadership of EHS Headcounts in different departments. Ensures proper qualification of EHS Headcounts
领导各部门EHS人员(职能领导)。确保EHS人员的任职资格 8 Responsible for the EHS review checklist for purchasing and acceptance test of new equipment
负责对新设备采购接收的EHS审查 9 Responsible for ZSB internal EHS reporting

What do I need to qualify for this job?

1. Bachelor Degree or above in engineering or related discipline

2. Professional work experience in senior position in the area of production in a company with 200+ employees

3. Professional EHS knowledge (not mandatory but favorable)

4. Excellent English knowledge in speaking and writing

Organization: Smart Infrastructure

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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