西门子数控 精益部 Process Simulation Engineer

Job Description


This is a new hybrid role in our Lean Digital Excellence Organization, you will play traditional OE/IE Engineer and also Digitalization Talent Role (Digital Twin direction). Depends on your background & Competency, we together define which role is your major one.

In this position, you will establish Digital-twinning process in Production & Logistic area in SNC, promote core team competency & finally drive productivity & efficiency improvement.

What are my responsibilities?

1, Ideally you should be familiar with some part of manufacturing & logistic process, use your expertise to identify opportunity to Digital twin it using Plant Simulation Tool, and use virtual simulation to find solution to improve process efficiency.

2, After several practices, you will gradually define standard process of Simulation & Analysis Operation

3, Next, you work with Line manager & OE experts to find more opportunity to deploy Plant Simulation approach and finally set Roll-out plan for SNC

4, You will be the lead of Digital-twin community in SNC, to share knowledge with Colleagues from other depts who is interested in Digital Twin Approach

5, You will need to actively exchange with simulation expert from other SIEMENS plants and industry peers to expand its application, also contribute to SIEMENS DI LDF (Lean-Digital Factory) Program in Digital-twin workstream

6, You will play part time job as OE/IE Engineer, to do some basic task, e.g, Time measurement, process efficiency analysis & improvement, Layout planning, etc.

What do I need to qualify for this job?

1.      Bachelor’s degree of Engineering, Mechatronics, Automation, or IT background.

2.      3 years Process simulation practice with proven competency & implementation projects. Familiar with Process simulation tool (SIEMENS Tecnomatix is preferred)

3.      LEAN competency & several years’ experience in manufacturing operation position is preferred (E.g. IE Engineer, ME Engineer, Logistic Planner, Test Engineer, etc.)

4.      Good communication skill with different levels in plant (From Team leader to plant manager)

5.      Good self-management, target oriented, Self-motivation for new technology

6.      Workable oral English

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Numerical Control Ltd., Nanjing

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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