Junior Consultant Trainee (m/f/d) - TimeSeries / Mendix

Job Description

Mendix is on a mission to enable anyone in any organization – from the marketing coordinator to the software developer to the CEO – to create things that are transformational for their company.  We are fundamentally reinventing the way applications are created and we’re reinventing the future of software development.  Sounds ambitious, right?  We agree.

About us:
In the last couple of years, TimeSeries has been the most experienced and innovative low-code and Mendix partner and recently, we became part of the Mendix-Siemens organization. What differentiates us is the fact that we create industry specific templates. We apply innovative technologies like Big Data, IoT and AI to solve repeatable problems while at the same time being customizable to perfectly fit the clients’ business processes.

TimeSeries started in 2014 with the aim to bring innovative apps to the manufacturing industry, energy and marine. We created a big data platform that can process 7 billion(!) measurements a day, developed an automated planning tool that can solve the most complex planning issues in a matter of seconds and many more!

Since the start, we have been working closely with Mendix and they have already recognized us for years because of our innovative and industry specific solutions. Mendix-Siemens acquired TimeSeries to invest even more in this to help clients worldwide to innovate their business.

Our motto:
“We are all entrepre-nerds and we put our customers' needs and relationships above all. We do that by outsmarting everyone with the best people, latest technologies and commitment to the limit. We innovate by experimenting and learning and we thrive in an open culture. Enjoy the ride!” - TimeSeries

We use the Mendix application development platform (aPaaS) to design, implement and roll out intelligent, innovative desktop/tablet/mobile solutions. We often combine Mendix with a range of cutting edge technologies like IoT and Blockchain. Where other companies still treat these as buzzwords and try to find out how to use them, we already built and delivered practical solutions with it, resulting not only in content clients all around the world, but also in winning hackathons like the Mendix World ISS Hackathon, World Port Hackathon and the UWV/SVB Hackathon! 
Starting as a trainee you will start with our 4 months fast-forward training program in which you will learn everything you need to know about the Mendix platform, consultancy, our smart solutions and the basics of other technologies that might come in handy like CSS, Java, Javascript, HTML, REST and SOAP. Once we think you’re ready you will start at one of our challenging projects at the customer side. You wil learn how to gather requirements and advise customers talking to people from the business and IT alike. Your magic with Mendix will turn complex business requirements into great, flexible apps in no-time! 
You will help our clients to perform better, work more efficiently and become future-proof!

What we’re looking for:
  • You love to develop creative, innovative appsYou are a creative thinker and like to create beautiful applications that make the world run better. TimeSeries builds wonderful applications that enhance our customers’ business and put broad smiles on the faces of their users. We’ll make a great match!
  • You have completed a Master’s or Bachelor’s degreePreferably IT related like Computer Science, Information Science, Artificial Intelligence, Business Information Management et cetera, but other backgrounds are most welcome too!
  • Your brains!No, we’re not zombies. We’re looking for the best people on the market, those that want to learn, those brilliant minds that dare to experiment with technology! We constantly develop and improve ourselves, so we need you to be curious and wanting to learn.
  • You have 0 to 2 years of professional working experience in IT or related fields of work.
  • Preferably you already had your first introduction with Mendix.No Mendix experience yet? No problem, let’s work on it!
  • You have basic knowledge of web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3.You have a winner’s mentality and like to work within a team!
  • You are great communicator both in English and German

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Industry Software GmbH

Experience Level: Early Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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