SSMR MR IE Engineer/工业工程师

Job Description

Mission and responsibilities: 

1. Work measurement/Measuring of productivity ( labor time ,collecting, presenting KPI’s) with IE knowledge and SPS for the 

establishment of standards and the utilization of production facilities 

利用 IE 知识和 SPS 知识,建立标准,利用生产空间来进行工作测定,效率测量(工时,采集,展示 KPI) 

2. Introduction and application of new developments with advanced technology for factory efficiency 


3. Time Management -define standard time, and time study for process improvement; Conduct capacity analysis planning–

manpower equipment, toolings; Plans and establish plant/equipment layout and workflow with Ergonomic for economic 

Workplace Layout/Time Study 



4. Continuously Improvement Process with Establishing improvement programs, monitor work method improvements & 

develop new IE techniques for Material Flow /Cycle Time /Administrative Processes /House Keeping 

建立改进程序,持续改进流程,监控工作方法改进,开发新的 IE 技术用于物料流,周期时间,管理流程,厂房保洁 

5. Identify and manage process improvements with advanced IE knowledge for product quality costs, cycle time and 

manufacturing line efficiencies 

利用先进的 IE 知识,识别和管理流程以改进产品质量成本,周期时间和生产线效率。 


Your qualifications and experiences: 

⚫ Engineering bachelor above, Engineering background; General ability to cooperate with worldwide partners 

IE knowledge and tools, project management and team player, IT, Industrial engineering, presentation skills and skillful AutoCAD 

⚫ 本科及以上工程背景,全球同事合作能力,IE 知识和工具,项目管理和团队合作,计算机操作,工业工程,PPT 演示能

力,CAD 技能。

Organization: Siemens Healthineers

Company: Siemens Shenzhen Magnetic Resonance Ltd.

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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