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Business Process Specialist

业务流程专员 (RPA开发)

Location: Suzhou or Shanghai

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GBS O2C China is looking for a business process analyst to initiate and manage process improvements and digital solution initiatives using the latest technologies, i.e., artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, business process management solutions.

GBS O2C中国诚聘业务流程分析师,利用人工智能、机器人流程自动化、业务流程管理解决方案等最新技术,启动和管理流程改进和数字解决方案。

This position will work internally within O2C internal projects to support the service lines, as well as externally with our operating and strategic customers to leverage these technologies and provide solutions to meet their business needs.


The role will work collaborate with global and exchange various countries' experience and knowledge.


Area of Responsibility:

·       Optimization of processes with automation, digital solutions or redesign within the portfolio services of GBS O2C Business Line.

·       通过自动化、数字化解决方案或重新设计GBS O2C业务线组合服务的流程优化。

·       Drive innovation and evaluates new tools/application in alignment with the business line strategy (RPA, Data Analytics, AI, etc.)

·       根据业务线战略(RPA、数据分析、人工智能等),推动创新并评估新工具/应用

·       Pursue the increased automation rate, service availability, service quality and cost optimization for provided services

·       追求提高自动化率,服务可用性,服务质量和成本优化所提供的服务

·       Ensure implementation of operational standards in alignment with affected services

·       确保操作标准的实施与受影响的服务保持一致

·       Support the successful completion of internal and customer facing projects

·       支持内部和面对客户的项目的成功完成

·       Collaborate with other players in the global GBS network of experts to maximize benefit for the customer and probability to win business

·       与全球GBS专家网络中的其他参与者合作,以最大化客户利益和赢得业务的可能性

·       Engage with customers to develop project scope, KPI/SLA and transition to operations

·        与客户一起开发项目范围,KPI/SLA,并过渡到运营

Main activities:

·        Analyze and map existing business processes and identify requirements needed for process re-engineering and work with the customer to implement changes, whether digital or operational

·        分析和映射现有的业务流程,识别流程重组所需的需求,并与客户一起实施变化,无论是数字化的还是操作性的

·        Provide input to support the development of the budget, cost & pricing

·        为预算、成本和定价的制定提供支持

·        Supports customer demand management service reviews and operational reviews

·        支持客户需求管理、服务审核和运营审核

·        Monitors savings contribution

·        监控节省贡献

·        Defines the benefit model of a potential project and ensures the value of the project outweighs the cost of requirements

·        定义一个潜在项目的效益模型,确保项目的价值大于需求的成本

·        Identifies potential projects with customers through relationship management or customer satisfaction indicators

·        通过关系管理或客户满意度指标识别潜在项目

Who are we looking for?

·        Business Analysts candidates must have a minimum of 3 years related experience

·        业务分析师候选人必须有至少3年相关工作经验

·        BS/BA in related discipline, or equivalent combination of education and experience will be considered. Certification may be required in some areas.

·        相关学科的本科或学士学位,或同等的教育和经验组合将被考虑。

·        Experience in process design and digital solution implementations

·        具有流程设计和数字解决方案实施经验

·        Excellent communications and interpersonal skills

·        优秀的沟通和人际交往能力

·        Strong experience with SAP/Uipath/Power BI/Tableau/Qlik is a plus

·        有SAP/Uipath/Power BI/Tableau/Qlik经验者优先

·        Capability to effectively manage deadlines/time, prioritization, in a fast-paced environment

·        能够在快节奏的环境中有效地管理截止日期/时间,优先级

·        Familiar with latest digital technology topics

·        了解数字化话题

·        Applied know-how in using data analytics for process improvement

·        应用数据分析技术改进流程

Organization: Global Business Services

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Early Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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