(SCPS) EHS Officer

Job Description

What are my responsibilities? 
• Responsible for overall EHS risk identification, assessment, deviation identification and improvement actions. 负责公司整体的EHS风险辨识、评估、差距分析以及改进提升。 
• Familiar with EHS laws and regulations, responsible for organizing environmental, health and safety programs to meet EHS regulatory requirements and ensure compliance for the company. 熟悉EHS相关的法律法规,负责组织相关的EHS管理活动来满足合规要求。
• Responsible for EHS budget and cost control. 负责制定EHS相关活动的年度预算和费用控制。 
• Lead and promote Health & Safe, Eco-efficiency programs on site to enhance EHS Culture and awareness continuously. 负责推动健康与安全,生态能效等项目,在公司持续推进EHS文化,提升EHS意识。 
• Act as liaison among SCPS, headquarters and regulatory authorities, make sure submit related reports and maintain data timely and accurately. 作为联系人负责与总部、相关政府部门等机构联络,确保按要求准时准确提交各类报告并维护相关数据。 
• Responsible for ISO 14001/ISO 45001/ISO 50001 management system establish and maintenance, drive all the EHS related internal / external audits and CACP follow up. 负责环境/职业健康与安全/能源管理体系的建立与维护和所有EHS相关的内外部审核,并确保改进预防措施的跟进。 
 • Responsible for daily EHS management including but not limited to Occupational Health/Contractor management/Change management/Waste management/Accident and incident management, etc. 负责日常的EHS管理,包括但不限于:职业健康,承包商管理,变更管理,废弃物管理,事故事件管理,应急管理等。 
• Responsible for EHS coordinators quarterly performance review 负责对EHS 协调员的季度绩效评估。 
• Set up annual emergency response plan and organize drills on time 制定年度应急演练计划并按时组织演练。 
• Deal with emergency situations that could adversely impact the environment, employees, etc. 处理各类可能会影响到环境、人员等的紧急情况。 
• Responsible for leading EHS accident and incident investigations. 负责组织开展EHS事故调查。 
• Performs other related duties as assigned. 其他领导分配的任务。 

 What do I need to qualify for this job? 
• Bachelor’s degree in a science or technical field本科以上学历, 理工类专业 
• 5 years+ of EHS experience in multinational industrial companies. 5年以上外资工业企业EHS管理经验 
• Can speak and write in English in daily work. 有一定英语口语交流能力 
• Good communication, accountable, self-motivated, and eager to learn. 良好的沟通能力、责任心,能自我激励,愿意不断学习新知识 
• Professional certification in a safety, environmental occupational health area preferred. 有考取过安全类相关证书是加分项,比如能源管理师,环境安全工程师,注册安全工程师等等

 What else do I need to know?

Organization: Smart Infrastructure

Company: Siemens Circuit Protection Systems Ltd., Shanghai

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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