(SSLS) 机械工程师 (中压开关柜)

Job Description

What will you do if join us?

• Fully understand Siemens medium voltage switchgear products and portfolios and apply mechanical and electrical engineering knowledge in the products to fulfill customer project requirements.   充分了解西门子中压开关设备产品和产品组合,并在产品中应用机械和电气工程知识,以满足客户项目要求。 
• Handle Electrical single line design and configuration technical review to ensure the engineering feasibility in the projects. 根据电气主接线图的设计和配置进行技术审核和落实,确保项目工程可行性。 
• Actualize customer design (KUKO) for projects according to customer specifications, apply the suitable solutions and select appropriate economically key mechanical and electrical components based on the construction details. Make use of various engineering tools and drafting tools to perform the design and drafting. 根据客户规范为项目实施客户非标设计(KUKO),应用合适的解决方案,并根据生产需求选择合适的经济的关键机械和电气部件。利用各种工程工具和绘图工具进行设计和绘图。 
• Deliver production engineering inputs on time including engineering document release, mechanical BOM preparation, and other essential engineering details necessary for production to ensure the successful production. 准时交付生产工程文件,包括工程文件发布、机械BOM准备以及生产所需的其他基本工程细节文件,以确保成功生产。 
• Support to implement digital solution in the engineering team. 支持工程团队实施数字解决方案。 
• Quality improvement including engineering design quality, design standardization, cost optimization, etc. 质量改进,包括工程设计质量、设计标准化、成本优化等。 

What are we looking for?

• Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, or automation, or electrical engineering. 本科学历,机械工程、自动化或电气工程专业。 
• Familiar with mechanical 3D design software and technical of drawings creation。 熟悉机械三维设计软件和图纸制作技术。 
• Fluent in both verbal and written English. 英语读写流利。 
• Have strong logical thinking ability and pressure resistance. 拥有较强的逻辑思维能力和抗压能力。 
• With working experience in Power Distribution business or other manufacturing industry is preferred. 有供配电行业或其他制造业的工作经验者优先。 
• Basic knowledge about power system, incl. power generation, transmission, distribution, etc. 电力系统的基本知识,包括发电、输电、配电等。 
• Interested in digital solution. 愿意学习数字解决方案。 
• Experience with specific customer project, and proved communication, negotiation skills is preferred. 有项目经验,有良好的沟通、谈判技巧者优先。 
• Team player, customer and result oriented and Good communication skills. 具有团队合作精神,且关注客户及结果导向,以及良好的沟通技巧。

Organization: Smart Infrastructure

Company: Siemens Switchgear Ltd., Shanghai

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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