Job Description

1. 负责消防安全面板、I/O 模块、通知或探测器产品的技术文档和设计工件(产品架构、EMC 概念、原理图、测试计划等...)
2. 与OEM/ODM 供应商之间的桥梁技术解决方案管理
3. 与OEM/ODM供应商合作,确保所有交付品的质量

2. 本科学历5-8年以上相关工作经验,硕士3-5年以上相关工作经验
4、 定期项目管理和过程控制下的工作经验

1. 精通以下设计和测试技术:
1) 开关电源(Buck/boost/flyback 拓扑、变压器设计、环路补偿、功率损耗预测),
2) 熟悉MCU系统选型和设计,包括外设接口、时钟分配、复位类别、中断优先级、定时器、DMA和DRAM/FLASH/LCD时序
5) 模拟输入/输出的精度/误差分析,
6) RS485、CAN、USB、以太网等总线通信的物理层知识。
3. 扎实的安全相关知识,如电气间隙、爬电距离和绝缘
4. 精通制造和成本设计
5. 擅长通过 DFMEA、MTBF 预测、参数降额、寿命计算和最坏情况分析进行设计稳健性整合
Responsibility: 1. Participate in system interconnection design, and independently implement electronic design and development for delivery of high quality products on schedule, including schematics design, BOM generation, EMC design, analog simulation, components selection, constraint design, review and support for PCB layout etc. 2. Build function test plan and set up function test cases to verify circuit design
3. Independently accomplish technical document and report in English according to the requirements of project development
4. Drive critical path, manage tasks priority , identify dependency , estimate efforts and define sample round & target
5. Structure HW cost analysis, Identify solution level cost-down potentials 

1. 5+ years related working experience in electrical and electronic design, preferably 1+ year’s product design experiences in HVAC or FS 
2. Proficient in digital/analog mixed circuit design, especially analysis & constraint design of high-speed digital circuit, communication buses, switching power supply (basic topologies, power-stage design, dissipation analysis, small signal transfer model & loop compensation), frequency domain analysis of operational amplifier, ADC circuit design etc., preferably experienced in motor driving. 
3. Adept in industrial product design and EMC troubleshooting with rich knowledge in EMC design theory, reliability, safety , thermal analysis, electronic components technology
4. Skillful at EDA tools, Preferably experienced in Mentor Graphics’ DxDesigner, Expedition and Systemvision
5. Have rich background knowledge of product development process and HVAC or FS field

Organization: Smart Infrastructure

Company: Beijing Siemens Cerberus Electronics Ltd.

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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