(SEAL) Firmware Engineer - 苏州

Job Description

What are my responsibilities? 
• As a design engineer in new projects, clarify the requirements, understand the application and design a reliable firmware by system analysis, rigorous coding and comprehensive. 
• Follow and implement the design process together with the mechanical design engineers and lab engineers to improve design productivity. 
• Take in charge of intellectual priority of related products to strengthen the competition capacity of products and reach the target self-protection. 
• Optimize firmware design for existing products. 
• Coordinate with partners to test for outside development to achieve the project targets 
• Coordinate with quality engineers to control the quality during the new product launch. 
• Cooperate with other team members in HQ to test and release the samples. 
• Support involved departments to introduce new products and implement localization to occupy competitive position. 

 What do I need to qualify for this job? 
• Bachelor’s degree or above, major in electronic/automation, software, communication or related majors 
• 3+ years of working experience in embedded software design
• Hands-on experience of system requirement analysis and code source management. 
• Strong programming and debugging skills at C language. 
• Solid experience of 8/16/32 bit micro controller or cortex M0/M3/M4 and relative peripheral interface 
  熟悉8/16/32位微控制器或cortex M0/M3/M4及相关外围接口
• Good cross-functional coordination and communication skills 
• Quick learner, self-starter and result-oriented 
• Can write and read in English. The oral English is workable.
• Experience of firmware design of low-voltage products is preferred 
• Be familiar with ClearCase, SVN or UML is preferred. 
  熟悉ClearCase, SVN或UML可优先考虑。


Organization: Smart Infrastructure

Company: Siemens Electrical Apparatus Ltd., Suzhou

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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