西门子 成都研发中心 系统测试工程师-电气应用方向

Job Description

System Test Engineer

If you really want to make a difference – make it with us

The Digital Industry Division offers a comprehensive portfolio of seamlessly integrated hardware, software and technology-based services in order to support manufacturing companies worldwide in enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of their manufacturing processes and reducing the time to market of their products – be it the automotive or aerospace industry, mechanical engineering or other interesting sectors.

Your mission in new role:

Work together with different engineers in our Agile testing team, to test product and/or solution based on customer workflow and user application in system level, mainly focus on non-functional test such as system compatibility, reliability, availability, robustness, performance, and load, analyze and debug software, hardware, configuration, and communication related quality issues. You are co-creator for Siemens most fantastic TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) system for the whole automation Eco system.

Your new role – Challenging and future oriented

  1. You test the SIMATIC products including TIA Portal under development from customer point of view.
  2. You will be part of a newly created, fun, innovate, diverse and international organization (China, German, India, and United States)
  3. You need estimate the cost and effort of your own test packages, independently implement the test packages.
  4. You need make test plan and test cases based on user stories, implement testing, analyze and debugging, to ensure system design and user story statements are complete and confirm to standards.
  5. You contribute to user story definition: Analysis user story in order to define test cases and consider testability to give feedback to product owner or other stakeholders.
  6. In addition to your test role, you can also take other functions in the area of test architecture, automation test developer or also as a Scrum Master or Product Owner in the future.
  7. You love continuous learning and sharing to team members and be unafraid of bring new ideas forward.
  8. You have good habit to document result and transfer outputs with quality to next stage in process.

Your Qualifications – solid and appropriate

  1. 1.     Ideally you have successfully completed university education in the areas of automation, informatics, mathematics, physics, engineering sciences or you will have earned the recognition of such academic achievements based on practical programming experiences.
  2. 2.     You have good logic thinking and analysis skills.
  3. 3.     You must have more than 3 years of professional experience in integrating, testing on customer application with automation products.
  4. 4.     You provide substantiated knowledge and experiences in PLC, HMI, distribute IO and industrial communication (PN/DP/EtherCAT/S7/Modbus/OPC) as well as engineering software.
  5. 5.     You provide substantiated knowledge and experiences in industrial automation system design, implementation including commissioning, diagnostic, and maintenance.
  6. 6.     Knowledge and Experience with artificial intelligence, cloud compute, Edge compute, or digital application is a plus.
  7. 7.     Knowledge and experience in Python/C#/Java/JavaScript programming is a big plus.
  8. 8.     Good communication skill (oral and written) and a quick learner for new technologies and trend.
  9. 9.     You are fluent in English – additional languages are plus but not required.







1.     您将从客户角度测试研发中的SIMATIC系列产品 (包括博图)。

2.     您将成为一个年轻的、有趣的、创新的、多元化的国际团队的一员(中国、德国、印度和美国)。

3.     您需要估计自己的测试工作包的成本和工作量,以适当的方式独立实施测试工作包。

4.     您需要根据用户故事创建测试计划,编写测试用例,实施测试,分析、调试中遇到的问题,以确保用户故事和系统设计被正确完整地实现。

5.     您将共同定义用户故事,通过分析用户故事以编写测试用例,用户故事的可测性将被反馈给产品负责人和其他相关人等。

6.     除了系统测试人员的角色外,您还可以在架构思考、DevOps解决方案或将来作为Scrum Master担任其他职能。

7.     您将不断地学习和与团队成员分享,不惧提出新想法。

8.     您与团队共同成长,记录并传承有效知识,并将高质量的输出转移到过程的下一阶段。


1.     大学本科以上学历,计算机、信息学、自动化、数学、物理、工程科学等专业毕业。

2.     具有良好的逻辑思维和良好的软件调试技能。

3.     在系统集成、客户应用设计、调试方面具有3年以上的专业经验。

4.     有丰富的PLC、HMI、分布式IO以及现场通信(PN/DP/EtherCAT/S7/Modbus/OPC)以及工程软件的知识和经验。

5.     有良好的的工业自动化系统设计能力和实施经验,包含调试、诊断和维护。对DCS, SCADA熟悉可加分。

6.     有AI应用、云计算、边缘计算、数字化应用经验优先考虑。

7.     有Python/C#/Java/JavaScript编程能力的特别优先考虑。

8.     对新技术和新趋势有极高的兴趣及快速的学习能力。

9.     英语读写顺畅;口语流利可加分

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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