SSMR AT Software Engineer 软件工程师

Job Description

Mission and responsibilities:

1. Define and develop complex embedded control software for DSA products using agile development methods在敏捷开发模式中,定义和开发DSA产品的嵌入式控制软件

2. Development of motion control component in close cooperation with system engineer and software architects与系统工程师和软件架构师紧密合作,开发运动控制软件模块

3. Adheres to the software quality process through the execution of module, subsystem, and system test procedures. 在执行单元、子系统和系统测试中遵循软件质量流程。

4. Reviews software requirements and other documentation to clarify and understand software engineering requirements. 审查软件需求相关文档,以澄清和理解软件工程要求。

5. Handling customer complaint and series production support. 处理客户投诉及支持产品生产。

Your qualifications and experiences:

1. Master's or diploma degree in the field of computer science, electrical engineering, automation or a comparable field


2. knowledge of embedded software and complex control systems and have a good knowledge of C++11/17 and UML

理解嵌入式软件和复杂控制系统,熟悉基于C++ 11/17和UML软件开发

3. Experience with motion control and real-time operating system, knowledge on systematic test methods (e.g. model-based and automated testing)


4. Good understanding of real-time communication protocols: CANopen, Profinet or EtherCAT

熟悉实时通信总线CANopen, Profinet 或者EtherCAT

5. Knowledge or experience in the areas of agile software development (SCRUM, SAFe), familiar with continuous integration with Azure DevOps

有敏捷软件开发经验,熟悉Azure DevOps环境下的持续集成

6. Fluent English and collaboration with international teams


Organization: Siemens Healthineers

Company: Siemens Shenzhen Magnetic Resonance Ltd.

Experience Level: Early Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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