Technology Professional

Job Description

Technology Professional

We are part of Siemens’ Corporate Technology (CT) Group – the core Research division of Siemens that takes up Research on Futuristic Topics on all fields related to Siemens Businesses and helps Siemens provide a better value to customers.

Under CT, you will be part of the group Intelligent Software Foundation (ISF). This team works on providing effective Guidance to Industrial Software Development through Architectural Knowledge Management (AKM)

What do we do

Intelligent Software Foundation focuses on Research in Areas of IoT platform Architecture,  Foundation, iPace and OSS License compliance. As part of Foundation and iPACE the team is working on research on providing tools and methods to jumpstart software development. Our research mandate includes areas like Ontology based AI enhanced Guidance (towards the right components or best practices), Guidance leading to iPACE canvas, Semantic Data Integration, Graph based SDLC Traceability etc. Some of these topics are cross cutting for IoT platform and Foundation.

This is your role. What part will you play?

  • Understand the big picture and provide technology leadership on all research topics in this area
  • formulate (from scratch) or refine the research proposals and take it forward with the respective stake holders of Foundation, iPACE or IoT Platform and execute it.
  • Collaborate with rest of our Research teams or BUs whenever needed and bring in business to the Group.

Headline Tasks

You will be responsible for developing technology roadmaps, architectural plans, and designs including building  Semantic Web for Knowledge and API-based microservices to enterprise Knowledge extraction from multiple sources. Provide Technical Leadership and mentoring to the team while completely owning the architecture. You will ensure we are creating quality solutions that meet our customers business needs as efficiently as possible.

Expectation is to build a losely coupled architecture that is agonistic of underlying domain model / schema. Provide recommendations and technical assistance to meet our strategic goals of simplification, standardization and automation.

We don’t need superheroes, just super minds

  • Seasoned Enterprise Architect with Product / Solution Architecture experience for at least 2+ yrs
  • Knowledge in semantic technologies (RDF, RDFS, OWL)
  • Knowledge in wide array of Programming Languages
  • Knowledge in Graph Databases (e.g., Blazegraph, neo4j)
  • Experience in defining microservice architectures and hands-on knowledge in realizing microservice-based solutions (e.g., with Spring Boot)
  • Knowledge and experience in container technologies (Docker)
  • Relational Databases (e.g., Postgres)

Organization: Technology

Company: Siemens Technology and Services Private Limited

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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