Siemens DI PA DCP Product Business Development 数字化互联与电源 业务拓展经理(北京)

Job Description

Why Choose us ? 
- As Product business development, you will systematically be involved in DCP business all over China, and with know-how on industrial networking and identification. 
- As part of the innovative team, your contribution will be valued.

What will you do if join us? 

- 负责部门内部业务拓展计划,制定短期和中长期的业务拓展计划并落实;
Work for the business promotion plan, design the short-term and long-term business promotion plan and implement the plan.
- 提高产品在市场端和客户侧的占有率,提高产品在市场上的销售透明度;
Increase the market share and share of customer wallet, increase the market transparency of product.
- 针对区域内重点客户定义有针对性的产品推广策略,并持续跟进和反馈;
Design specified product promotion strategy for the focused customers in region, and follow up the strategy timely.
- 了解竞争对手情况,做竞品分析,分区域提供销售策略;
Do competitor analysis by product and by region, provide the fighting guide for regions.
- 挖掘新产品的应用机会,推动应用落地;
Dig out business opportunities for new product and push the new application be implemented.
- 定期复盘区域内整体情况和客户情况,提供下一步业务拓展计划并跟进实施。
Review the status of the business promotion plan, provide follow-up measures, and track the result.

Who are we looking for? 
- 拥有自动化领域经验, 拥有工业通讯领域的销售相关经验优先.
Knowhow in automation industry, better if you have sales related experience in industrial communication domain.
With systematic mindset, plan and design the business direction and ideas, then follow up.
- 良好的沟通能力和跨部门协作能力.
Good communication skill and cross-department coordination skill.
- 良好的演讲能力. 
Good presentation skill.
- 良好的团队协作能力
- 良好的英语水平. 
Fluency in reading & writing English.
- 熟练掌握office系列软件,具备数据库编程能力优先.
Master of Office, better in database programming skill.

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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