TRAIN DRIVER @Siemens Mobility - Saudi Nationals

Job Description

Train Drivers are sought during the testing phase of Riyadh Metro Project. will Responsibilities will include driving the train at full speed on self-traction, and/or shunt it at very low speed by push-pulling with special locomotives, under special constraints due to construction and testing conditions. Expert training will be given by Siemens to ensure full capability of the below tasks:

  • Perform the daily preparation and de-preparation routine for the train(s) assigned to a train driver and shift.
  • Take part to the daily safety debriefing, with the Test Leader, the Route Movement Controller (RMC), the OCC (Operations Control Center) operator, the Shunting Team, and other involved team members.
  • Operate the train in each of the available modes (DM, RM, ATPM, UTO, etc.) depending on the specific situation and requirements of each test and shift.
  • Always use a strict system of radio messages with the Test Leaders, the ATS/CTC operators, and the Shunting Teams, when requesting or proceeding with train movement.
  • Learn and apply the necessary procedures to fully immobilize a train, request powering off the tracks, detraining to verify absence of voltage and apply SCD protections, assist train crew in detraining.
  • Understand and apply at all times the operating procedures during test phase to handle special conditions on the track: permission to pass a signal in red, learning how to read the position of turnouts when full automatism is not available, etc.
  • Understand all the train alarms (displayed in the driver’s console), troubleshoot those the driver is trained for (doors, air conditioning, lights, etc.), and report the other ones for attendance by Rolling Stock or Maintenance teams.
  • Familiarize with the route and with the characteristics of the train, until mastering braking distances, exact stopping points, locations and names of all signals and point machines, slopes and curves, etc.
  • Report any anomalous behavior or condition of the train: unusual noise, vibrations, not braking normally, error messages, etc., for their attendance by the Rolling Stock or Maintenance teams.
  • Operate train features such as powering on/off the train, changing cabin, changing driving modes, lowering or raising the 3rd rail collectors, opening and closing doors (electrically or manually), exceptionally operating in reverse mode, etc.

What do I need to qualify for this job:

Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Diploma or equivalent.

1+ Years of experience in a similar role or technician.

Saudi National.

Fluent English and Arabic.


Organization: Siemens Mobility

Company: Siemens Mobility Branch KSA

Experience Level: Early Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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