Siemens mobility China-CS-Lead Engineer (commissioning)-Shanghai Pudong

Job Description

What are your responsibilities? 职责描述

- Support technical manager to manage technical issues for metro vehicle maintenance & overhaul. 协助技术经理管理地铁车辆维护和架大修相关技术工作。

-Support production team to solve technical problems during metro vehicle maintenance and overhual. 支持生产团队解决地铁车辆维护和架大修过程中的相关技术问题。

-Create technical requirements, specifications and work instructions for metro vehicle commissioning after overhual. 编制地铁车辆架大修后相关的列车调试技术要求、技术规范和作业指导书。

- Investigate major service failures and write failure investigation reports, analyze root cause and develop technical solutions with internal and/or external partners to improve train service reliability. 调查分析重大的运营故障并完成故障分析报告,与内部和/或外部伙伴共同分析问题根源和提出技术方案以提升列车运营可靠性。

- Create metro vehicle maintenance/ overhaul work instructions and technical documents with other technical team members. 与技术组其他成员共同编制地铁车辆维护/大修作业指导书及技术文件。

- Manage train software, technical changes and modifications. 管理列车软件、技术变更以及整改工作。

- Coordinate with both internal interfaces (own Production, Quality, Purchase,PM and etc.) and external interfaces (customer Overhaul Administration, Technical, Quality,and etc.) for technical related issues and processes of metro vehicle maintenance and overhaul execution. 对接内部接口(生产、质量、采购、项目管理等职能)、外部接口(客户架大修管理、技术、质量等)完成地铁车辆维护和架大修的相关技术事务和流程。

- Cooperate with other technical team players and MAC team to analyze RCM solution for project execution. 与技术组的同事及数字化组的同事合作研究本项目内以可靠性为中心的维护方案。

-Cooperate with Siemens Mobility CS HQ expert for metro vehicle maintenance and overhaul plan improvement and optimization.


-Support other project activities assigned by technical manager and/or PM. 支持由项目组和/或者技术经理安排的其它项目事务。

What do you need to qualify for this job? 职位能力要求

-Bachelor degree or above, majored in mechanical or electrical or related.


- 5 years or above metro vehicle maintenance and overhaul technical experience. 五年及以上地铁车辆维护和架大修技术工作经验。

-Metro train production and commissioning working experience with train manufacturer is preferred.


- Familiar with Siemens SIBAS 32 system and metro vehicle TCN architecture is preferred.

熟悉西门子SIBAS 32系统和地铁列车TCN列车网络架构者优先。

-Experienced in other metro train subsystem is preferred, such as Door, HVAC, Brake System and etc. 对列车子系统具有丰富经验者优先,如车门系统、空调系统、制动系统等。

- Teamwork spirit and good pressure coping, good communication and problem solving skills, good ability to learn by doing and be responsible.


- Skilled in using office software as well as other engineering tools and/or metro train service software. 熟练使用办公软件以及其它工程设计软件和/或列车维护软件。

- Good command of English.


Organization: Siemens Mobility

Company: Siemens Mobility Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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