LDA BD Manager 业务拓展经理

Job Description

Mission 岗位要求:

Support LDA CN SU Sales in promoting LDA Medium-High Voltage products through efficient communication, finding business opportunity, and enlarge the business volume in Design Institutes and Partner business.

支持LDA CN区域销售部门通过有效的沟通推广LDA中高压变频和电机产品,寻找商机,扩大在设计院和合作伙伴的业务量。

Job Description:


  • ·       Be responsible for LDA Design Institute and PTM business in Shanxi and NE cooperate with SU sales to win the project.
  • 负责LDA山西、东北设计院和合作伙伴的业务,与区域销售合作赢得项目。
  • ·       Design Institute and PTM project information is transferred to SU sales as unknown project.
  • 将设计院和PTM项目信息作为未知项目传递给区域销售。
  • ·       Dig out key Design Institute project list for all industry in responsible area. Build up key Design Institute database.
  • 所负责区域内的所有行业挖掘设计院重点项目清单,并建立设计院关键数据库。
  • ·       Looking for the new opportunities of LDA business in responsible area.
  • 在所负责的区域内寻找LDA新的业务机会。
  • ·       Market data gathering and competitor info collection to improve the market transparency of related branches.
  • 收集市场数据和竞争对手信息,提高市场透明度。
  • ·       Drive Design Institute and PTM business development incl. channel development & daily management,ensure the excellent execution result.
  • 推动设计院与合作伙伴业务的发展,包括渠道开发和日常管理,确保优秀的执行效果。
  • ·       Marketing promotion incl. seminar, road show, training for Design Institute and PTM.
  • 举办市场推广活动包括对设计院和合作伙伴的研讨会、路演和培训等。

  • Qualify for the position:
  • 职位要求:
  • ·       Office skills and office software.
  • 办公软件的熟练使用。
  • ·       Good organization and communication skills internally and externally.
  • 良好的组织和沟通能力。
  • ·       To Knowledge of LDA Medium-High Voltage Drives and Motors.
  • 具备大型传动应用事业部中高压驱动和电机的知识。
  • ·       Self-driven, can work independently and under stressful conditions sometimes. Good team player 3-5 years experiences in relevant fields.
  • 自我驱动,能独立工作,能承受压力。3-5年相关领域工作经验。
  • ·       Good English and computer skills.
  • 良好的英语和计算机技能。
  • ·       Good Presentation skills.
  • 良好的表达能力。
  • ·       Bachelor or above. 
  • 本科及以上学历。

Other qualification and experience:


  • ·       To know all Siemens LDA products.
  • 了解所有西门子大型传动应用事业部的产品。
  • ·       Fully understand market trend.
  • 充分了解市场趋势。
  • ·       Siemens LDA products serves the market with all industrial, and training services.

Organization: Portfolio Companies

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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