SI eMobility 系统测试工程师

Job Description

At the dawn of the outbreak of global Electrical Vehicle market, the Business Unit, Siemens eMobility, has setup a dedicated global R&D team to develop EV charging portfolio. The system test engineer will be responsible for EVSE system test and software configuration management to meet global EVSE product development target. 在全球电动汽车市场爆发的黎明,西门子移动事业部成立了一个专门的全球研发团队,开发电动汽车充电组合。系统测试工程师将负责电动汽车充电桩系统测试和软件配置管理,以满足全球电动汽车充电桩产品开发目标。 

 What are my responsibilities? 
• To be responsible for the system test of EVSE products (e.g. AC/DC chargers). 负责电动汽车充电桩产品的系统测试(如AC/DC充电器) 
• Follow product requirement, define system test plan, and execute the test plan as planned. 根据产品需求,定义系统测试计划,并按计划执行测试计划。 • Support cross-function teams to launch mass production on schedule. 支持跨部门团队按时量产 
• Support hardware test engineer on product debug, validation, and certification. 支持硬件测试工程师进行产品调试,验证和认证。 
• Support purchasing team in technical clarification with suppliers. 支持采购团队与供应商进行技术澄清 
• Work closely with global System test team to ensure the product quality. 与全球系统测试团队紧密合作,确保产品质量。 
• Build a strong relationship with the development teams to understand their deliveries, and the infrastructure on which they run. 与开发团队建立良好的关系,以理解他们的交付以及他们运行的基础设施。 
• Create, maintain, and iterate on our configuration management process for new and existing services. 为新的和现有的服务创建、维护和迭代我们的配置管理流程。
What do I need to qualify for this job? 
• Bachelor or master degree major in computer science, software engineering or equivalent. 本科或硕士学历,计算机科学,软件工程或相关专业 
• 3+ years of working experience in software test or development. 三年以上软件测试或开发工作经验。 
• Hands-on experience on Linux OS based software testing, either in embedded or Cloud environment. 具有嵌入式或云环境下基于Linux操作系统的软件测试经验。 
• Solid experience on writing test scripts with Python programming. 使用Python编程编写测试脚本的丰富经验。 
• Deep understanding of common testing processes, system test, unit test, integration test, and regression test. 对常用测试流程、系统测试、单元测试、集成测试和回归测试有深入的理解。 
• Solid experience on database operations with at least one of common DBMS, like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Redis. 具有至少一种常用DBMS数据库操作经验,如MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB和Redis。 
• Awareness of critical concepts in DevOps and Agile principles 了解DevOps和敏捷原则中的关键概念 
• Good interpersonal and communication skills, good verbal and written English, CET4 above. Be adaptive to conference call during night time with global teams. 良好的人际交往和沟通能力,良好的英语口头和书面表达能力,英语四级以上。适应夜间与全球团队的电话会议。 
• Self-motivated and capable of working independently on extended assignments. Excellent team player. Quick learner and keen problem solver. 积极主动,能够独立完成工作任务。优秀的团队合作精神。学习能力强,解决问题能力强。 
• Result-oriented. 以结果为导向的。 
• Proficiency in Configuration Management processes and tools (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes, Gitlab, CI/CD) is a plus. 熟悉配置管理流程和工具(如Docker, Kubernetes, Gitlab, CI/CD)优先 
• Hands on experience in EVSE related software testing is a plus. 有电动汽车充电桩相关软件测试经验者优先。 
• Experience on Test Automation is a plus. 有自动化测试经验者优先。

Organization: Smart Infrastructure

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Early Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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