成都研发中心 工业边缘计算开发实习生

Job Description





1) 对西门子工业边缘平台的新应用服务进行开发设计。

2) 提升改善西门子工业边缘的软硬件服务。

3) 参与工业边缘和数字化工厂的合作项目开发。


• 与团队内外的专家们共同协作,拓展新的产品和应用服务,接触工业发展前沿。

• 您可以感受到有趣的、创新的、多元化的国际团队的一员(中国、德国、美国、土耳其、印度)

• 根据工作的需求,自己进行合理的安排。

• 团队内部的分享学习,以及线上线下丰富的培训课程,都能助你获得提升。

• 具有竞争力的实习补贴,员工餐厅、上下班通勤车,以及平常的其他福利。


• 实习需在成都,计算机、信息学、自动化、数学、物理、工程科学等专业,研一、研二同学优先。

• 具备一定的计算机基础,至少掌握一门编程语言。

• 有扎实的专业基础,有工业自动化专业背景更佳。

• 独立自主,善于发现,良好的团队工作能力。

• 能够实习六个月以上的同学优先。

Siemens Industrial Edge Intern

Pursuit of excellence

Siemens Industrial Edge provides a complete system including a central operation platform and software and hardware services, using edge computing to help customers achieve more efficient and safer digital industrial production.  It is also an important part of Siemens digital industrial ecosystem.  


1) Design and development of new Apps for Industrial Edge Platform.

2) Improvement for architecture of industrial Edge system/device.

3) Development for projects on site.

Harvest and growth

• Collaborate with experts inside and outside the team to develop new products and application services and reach the forefront of industrial development.  

• You can feel part of an interesting, innovative and diverse international team (China, Germany, USA, Turkey, India)  

• Make reasonable arrangements according to the requirements of the job.  

• Shared learning within your team, as well as extensive training courses, both online and offline, can help you advance.  

• Competitive internship allowance, employee canteen, commuter car, and other usual benefits.  

What do you need

• School must be in Chengdu. Major in automation, machinery, computer, communication is preferred. Master's degree in reading is preferred.

• Basic computer skills, at least one programming language.

• Independent, self-conscious, good at discovery, good team-work ability.

• Students who can intern for more than six months are preferred.

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Student (Not Yet Graduated)

Job Type: Part-time

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