Corporate Venture Developer

Job Description

Your opportunity to create new business opportunities at Siemens!

We have lots of ideas about how to successfully drive digitization and automation in companies. For example, with open cloud platforms, highly developed security systems, and clever tools for developers. Move the world at the cutting edge of business and technology with your venture building expertise and passion for game-changing technology. Help to create Siemens next billion-dollar business!



What part will you play?

We are a venture building organization within Siemens with the goal of creating exciting new business opportunities. Our team consults innovation teams from all over Siemens Digital Industries on their business and innovation strategy while keeping your finger on the pulse of current trends in tech and business. 

•             You consult innovations teams across Siemens on customer centricity, go to market strategy and cutting-edge innovation methods 

•             You build up strategic foresight to monitor trends and systematically analyze their potential for Siemens

•             You interact with teams across the whole company to promote customer centricity and evidence-based innovation

•             You inspire your colleagues to grow beyond themselves and achieve great results


- 你要就以客户为中心、进入市场战略和前沿创新方法向整个西门子的创新团队提供咨询。

- 建立战略远见,监测趋势并系统地分析其对西门子的潜力

- 与整个公司的团队互动,促进以客户为中心和基于证据的创新

- 激励同事成长,超越自我,取得佳绩

What you need to make real what matters:

•             Master’s degree in industrial engineering, Automation/ Electrical/ Mechanical Engineering or comparable

•             Interest in start-up culture and venture building around digital solutions or automation

•             Strong analytical skills and the ability to identify true customer needs

•             Love for consulting and coaching combined with the confidence to constructively challenge teams on their believes

•             Self-motivated, decisive, with the ability to adapt to change and competing demands

•             High degree of creativity, open-mind, and self-initiative as well as fluency in English complete your profile

- 拥有工业工程、自动化/电气/机械工程或类似专业的硕士学位

- 对创业文化和围绕数字解决方案或自动化的风险建设感兴趣

- 有较强的分析能力和识别客户真正需求的能力

- 热爱咨询和辅导工作,有信心对团队的信念提出建设性的挑战

- 自我激励,果断,有能力适应变化和竞争的需求

- 高度的创造力、开放的心态和自我主动性以及流利的英语使你的形象更加完美

Ways to stand out from the crowd:

•             Entrepreneurship courses during university career

•             Lean startup and agile are not just buzzwords to you but life

•             Experience in growing communities and being great at networking 

•             Master’s degree that combines engineering and business or comparable

•             International experience such as studying abroad

- 大学生涯中的创业课程

- 精益创业和敏捷对你来说不只是流行语,而是生活

- 有发展社区的经验,善于建立网络

- 结合工程和商业或类似的硕士学位

- 有国际经验,如出国留学

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Recent College Graduate

Job Type: Full-time

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