人机交互技术专家 Human-machine Interaction Expert

Job Description

Start your adventure and journey with us!  和我们一起开始你的冒险和旅程吧!

We have lots of ideas about how to successfully drive Industry digitization in companies. For example, with open cloud platforms, highly developed security systems, and clever tools for developers. Move the world from behind the scenes with your IT expertise and passion for game-changing information technology.

Rethink Automation with human- machine Interaction and steer projects in completely new directions.

If you really want to drive new technologies, make it with us!




What part will you play? 你将扮演什么角色?

We are an innovative organization within Siemens with the aim of driving the future of automation. Our team evaluates relevant technological trends, elements & architectural. Be a part of our technology evaluation team, discover and develop new technologies.


  • In your new role you develop ideas for technology evaluation and coordinate prototype development 
  • You will be part of a passionate international development team of highly-skilled people
  • To bring your ideas forward, you are given a lot of creative freedom
  • You drive future-oriented technologies to extend the current and future Siemens portfolio
  • You build up prototypes quickly from scratch and evaluate the ideas in discussion with our customer and internal stakeholders
  • Beyond that you get involved in international communities and establish a network for data technologies 

  • 在你的新角色中,你要为技术评估提出想法,并协调原型开发。
  • 你将成为一个充满热情的高技能跨国开发团队的一员
  • 为了将你的想法付诸实践,你将获得充足的创造性自由
  • 你要推动面向未来的技术,以扩展西门子当前和未来的产品组合
  • 你要从零开始快速建立原型,并与客户和内部利益相关者讨论评估这些想法
  • 除此之外,你还要参与跨国社区,建立数据技术网络。

What you need to make real what matters. 这样的你可以让关键所在逐一实现

  • You have a Master’s degree in computer science – software engineering or an equivalent education in a technical field, e.g., computer science, mathematics or data engineering
  • You hold many years of experiences in the environment of human-machine interaction and HMI (Human Machine Interface)
  • Know-how in production automation domain and the interplay of IT and OT is beneficial
  • You have know-how in at least one of the following:
  1. AR, VR, XR, Haptic, Gesture,…
  2. Cloud technologies e.g. AWS, Azure, Mindsphere
  3. Communication standards e.g. MQTT is not new to you
  4. Data security
  5. Data and Semantics
  6. IT architectures
  • You have excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to build and maintain trustful relationships in an international team and within an ecosystem of internal and external partners
  • You are the innovator we need if you are a self-motivated, decisive person with the ability to adapt to change and challanging demands 
  • A high degree of creativity, open-mind, and self-initiative as well as fluency in English complete your profile

  • 计算机科学、软件工程、数学、数据等硕士学位
  • 在人机交互和HMI(人机界面)的环境中拥有多年的经验
  • 对生产自动化领域以及IT和OT的相互作用有一定了解
  • 您至少拥有以下一项的专业知识。
  1.   AR, VR, XR, Haptic, Gesture,...
  2.   云技术,例如AWS、Azure、Mindsphere
  3.   通信标准,如MQTT对你来说并不陌生
  4.   数据安全
  5.   数据和语义
  6.   IT架构

  • 你有出色的人际交往能力,能够在一个跨国团队和内部及外部合作伙伴的生态系统中建立和保持信任的关系
  • 你是我们需要的创新者,如果你是一个自我激励、果断的人,具有适应变化和挑战需求的能力
  • 高度的创造力、开放的心态和自我激励,以及流利的英语,将会是你脱颖而出

Make your mark in our exciting world at Siemens. 在西门子这个充满活力的世界里留下你的足迹。

Visit  - if you would like to find out more about Digital Minds at Siemens.

As an equal-opportunity employer we are happy to consider applications from individuals with disabilities.

访问 - 如果你您想了解更多关于西门子数字思想的信息。


We want you to enjoy being a part of our Siemens family, so here is the final thing you need to know about us


We celebrate the fact that our employees are individuals and have different wants and needs. If we all thought the same, we would never think of anything new. That’s why we recruit phenomenal minds from all walks of life. We recognize that building a diverse workforce is essential to the success of our business, therefore we encourage applications from a diverse talent pool. We welcome the opportunity to discuss flexibility requirements with our applicants to encourage agile working and innovation.


Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens AG

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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