Siemens DI PA DCP CoC Engineer 工业通讯产品技术工程师 广州/深圳

Job Description

What will you do if join us? EN&CN

 - 覆盖华南和华中地区,针对DCP的网络和无线产品、远程通讯产品、RFID和视觉产品、工业5G产品提供技术支持;

  Technical support in RS&RC for DCP networking portfolio, covering wired, wireless, remote communication, RFID and optical technology are preferred, 5G is preferred;

 - 售前方案支持和售后问题处理;

  Presales support for business development, trouble shooting for after-sales;

 - 提供标准化应用支持和行业应用支持;

  Build up standard application and branch know-how;

 - 针对区域重点行业,如物流、AGV、汽车、游乐设施、冶金等,提供覆盖DCP产品的解决方案和实施方面的支持;

  Implement & support applications for focused branch segments in region (intralogistics, AGV, automotive, rides, metal...);

 - 为客户和项目提供技术咨询、工程指导和调试指导;

  Support customers and projects with technical consulting, engineering, implementation and commissioning;

 - 为客户提供工业网络数字化咨询和专业服务;

  Support digitalization consulting and professional services of DCP. 

 - 撰写技术文档,应用案例等;

  Work out reference for application, working out documents based on product;

 - 为重点项目提供支持,并总结要点形成案例;

  Support pilot project in region, summarize and share;

 - 提供工业网络专业认证培训;

  Provide certified training on Switching & Routing, and Wireless for customers;

 - 提供客户定制化培训。

  Provide customized training for key customer, SI and internal engineers.

Who are we looking for? EN&CN

 - 拥有4年以上工业通讯领域的技术工作经验,2年以上自动化领域经验;

  Over 4 years experience in networking area, over 2 years experience in automation area; 

 - 拥有工业网络方面广泛的知识体系,具备现场排查问题的能力和经验,具备项目支持的经验;

  Broad knowledge in industrial networking, with trouble shooting experience in networking area;

 - 具备长期学习的意识和能力;

  Growth mindset, keep learning; 

 - 具备良好的团队协作能力;

  Team work;

 - 良好的沟通能力和服务意识;

  Good communication skill and service sense, ownership;

 - 良好的演讲能力;

  Good presentation skill;

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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