Buying Professional

Job Description

Buying Professional (Purchasing Officer)

Procurement Tasks:

  • Coordinate with users for making clear the spare parts before order. Due to this project is new coming and there are many new requirement parts.
  • Contact with supplier to get the better price
  • Process for supporting documents such as historical price, quotation summary form etc.
  • Process for reviewing PR and PO to supplier.

Ordering Tasks:

  • To responsibility for all order of sections under Customer Service maintenance (BTS, MRTA,CoC)
  • To submit PR into PDPO web tools.
  • To check the correctness and forward (query) the workflow to once the PO approved completely.
  • To sending the PO to supplier via email manually and follow up the order confirmation via email, telephone including.
  • Bill placement process: to send the original tax invoice to AP team. The step for billing placement is that after we got the invoice from supplier. And need to check the correctness of documents such as original documents and to check for GR posting.
  • Material Master: material master data creator who has the authorization for creating changing and extending material into SAP 510W and support user to process into the SAP
  • To extend material in case we order with another Siemens entity and material does not active in our ARE
  • CCM Remediator: CCM Remediator, to control and avoid the alert from SAP system.
  • PD/PO Process supporting to taking care for all SMO users that have the problems about PDPO webtools or SAP and to create the ticket for new user who would like to access PDPO and to raise the Ueasy job role for SAP user to complete their responsibility and key person to solve a problem who coordinate with IT team incase user have problem when they access whatever tools.
  • Fixed asset coordinator:  to coordinate of cost center C93036 and check the belonging under this CC every FA count, to do the PEGA form (previously E-Form) in case there are asset transfer, asset change or asset retirement and  to consult with another CC to align each other for asset sales / scrap.

Organization: Supply Chain Management

Company: Siemens Mobility Limited

Experience Level: Early Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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