EP SEAL 机械开发工程师

Job Description

What are my responsibilities? 
• Development about new products, the redesign and special customer application for the existing products, Reverse engineering, DTC. 负责塑壳断路器、框架断路器、隔离开关等新产品开发或现有产品的重新设计和特殊的客户应用设计,逆向工程和降本项目的开展。 . 
• Responsible for the product performance analysis, technical feasibility study and evaluation. 负责产品性能分析,技术可行性研究和评估。 
• Create the Feature Specification for new project based on the Requirement from PM. 根据PM的需求, 为新项目创建功能规范。 
• Compile the related technical documentation and specification for products. 编制产品相关技术文件和技术规范。 
• Take part in analysis, determination, correction and prevention of quality problems of new and existing products 参与新产品和现有产品质量问题的分析、确定、纠正和预防。 
• Support the localization project for local material, production, etc. 支持国产化项目,包括本地材料,生产等。 
• Analyze the current market situation in cooperation with Business Unit and colleagues from the R&D/PM Centers in Germany.与事业部及德国研发/产品中心的同事合作,分析市场现状。 
• Support other internal departments as well as the Business Unit and the sales force in the regions in respect to technical questions and evaluations. 在技术问题和评估方面支持其他内部部门、业务部门和区域销售人员

What do I need to qualify for this job? 
• Bachelor’s degree or above, major in mechanical engineering, etc. 本科及以上学历,机械类相关专业 
• 1+ years of working experience in mechanical design of low-voltage electrical products, industrial control products, etc.. Fresh graduates could apply for the job.  一年以上低压电器产品或工控类产品等新产品开发机械设计经验 (应届毕业生也可考虑)
• Have materiel knowledge / tooling knowledge / manufacturing knowledge 有材料、模具或制造工艺等相关知识
• Be familiar with design tools, e.g. Creo, NX or Solidwork, etc. 能熟练使用绘图软件,如Creo, NX or Solidwork等 
• Have communication / analysis skills 有良好的沟通和分析能力
• Can write and read in English. Good oral English is plus. 至少能用英语进行读写,良好的口语能力是加分项 

What else do I need to know? 

At Siemens, we value diversity as the inclusion of and collaboration of different thinking, background, experience, expertise and individual qualities across all organization levels and dimensions. We encourage and support our employees to develop their personal skills and strengths, regardless of gender identity, nationality, age, religious beliefs etc. We believe diversity strengthens our innovative capacity, unleashes the potential of Siemens’ employees, and thereby directly contributes to our business success.

Organization: Smart Infrastructure

Company: Siemens Electrical Apparatus Ltd., Suzhou

Experience Level: Early Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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