(SSLS) 工业工程师

Job Description

What are my responsibilities?
• Be responsible for process evaluation, line layout design and setup, fixture & tool design, SOP compiling and training. 负责产品工艺验证,产线设计与布置,工夹模设计与制做,作业指导书的编制与员工培训 
• Develop advance manufacturing technology for responsible product, promote lean production, automation and digitalization level 开发先进的产品制造技术,提升精益生产,自动化与数字化水平 
• To conduct / manage manufacturing process simulation and optimization includes plant material flow simulation & manufacturing process simulation and assembly module & human module for new planning and re-planning projects. 负责制定规划和利用Plant simulation开展三维工厂与三维生产线设计及分析优化,以及其他数字化相关开发、落地及运维工作。 
• 开展智能制造相关工作,利用大数据挖掘,对生产数据进行分析,并结合相关算法进行生产能力趋势预测及专家知识库搭建及管理 To support other digital solutions projects, and use big data analysis and other methodology and tools for deep precognition and adjustment. 

What do I need to qualify for the job?

• 全日制本科及以上学历;工业工程、仿真分析、编程开发、机械制造、大数据等相关专业 Bachelor or above majored in industrial or mechanical engineering, or similar 
• 3年以上相关工作经历,有1-2个车间级大型仿真项目经历。应届研究生若在校期间参与过相应项目也可以考虑。3+ years of professional experience in manufacturing industry. 1 or 2 times experience of plant simulation at plant level. Project experience during postgraduate period can be considered. 
• 熟知车间仿真理论、熟练应用Plant simulation仿真软件。熟练应用二维及三维制图软件,有其他编程开发经验是加分项; Expert knowledge and very good at plant simulation software and its application. Good at other 2D/3D software. Other programming experience is plus. 
• 具备系统思维、自我成长思维、学习能力与创新意识强、乐于开展工作数字化和车间效率提升相关工作。 Be with systematic thinking, growth mindset, fast learning and innovation mindset, willing to work on digital solution and shop floor optimization work.

Organization: Smart Infrastructure

Company: Siemens Switchgear Ltd., Shanghai

Experience Level: Early Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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