SEDL GMC, R&D Test & Certification Engineer 测试及认证工程师(变频器MEC)

Job Description

Why Choose us ?

Test & Certification Engineer, working for R&D Laboratory in SEDL, is mainly responsible for the jobs related to type test and application test of low voltage drives (e.g., inverter).


What will you do if join us?

-       Participate in requirement and design document review from type test perspective.

-       Create type test plan according to product requirement specification, feature specification and related regulation together with chief product owner, development engineers and other experts in test organization.

-       Prepare the test setup and environment according to the test plan.

-       Perform the defined test cases according to the test plan.

-       Record the product error during test and support the debug process together with development engineers.

-       Generate type test report and archive final test results formally.

-       Maintain test lab equipment and infrastructure according to lab management regulation (e.g ISO17025, ISO14001…etc.).

-       Participate in multi-national teams and international projects (e.g., China, Europe etc.…).

-       Analysis and support of field problems.

-       从型式试验的角度参与产品需求文件和设计文件的评审;

-       根据产品需求文件、技术文件和相关规则,与产品总负责人、开发工程师和测试团队的其他专家一起制定测试计划;

-       根据测试计划准备测试系统和测试环境;

-       划执行已定义的测试项目;

-       在测试过程中记录产品的偏差,支持设计工程调试产品;

-       完成型式试验报告,生成最终的试验结论。

-       根据实验室管理规定(如ISO/IEC 17025、ISO 14001等)维护实验室的设备和基础设施;

-       参与跨国团队的跨国项目(如中国、欧洲等);

-       现场问题的分析和技术支持。

Who are we looking for?

-       More than 2 years professional experience in MEC (mechanical, environmental, and electrical safety) type test area.

-       Knowledge of power electronics systems and components as well as drive/inverter system typical applications.

-       Knowledge about international norms and regulations regarding drive/inverter MEC test (e.g. IEC61800-5-1/IEC61800-5-2/IEC60529…etc.).

-       Basic knowledge of lab management system ISO/IEC 17025.

-       Basic knowledge of certification (CE, UL, KC, UKCA…etc.).

-       Fluent written and speaking English skills are required.

-       Experience and awareness for occupational safety / work safety.

-       Bachelor or above and degree in Electrical Engineering or equivalent.

-       Good logical mind and strong self-learning ability.

-       Familiar with SIEMENS STARTER software is preferred.

-       Experience in test automation is preferred.

-       International teamwork experience is preferred.

-       Master’s degree is preferred.

-       2年以上MEC(机械、环境和电气安全)型式试验领域专业经验;

-       了解电力电子系统和器件以及驱动器/逆变器系统的典型应用;

-       了解有关驱动器/逆变器MEC测试的国际规范和标准(如IEC61800-5-1/IEC61800-5-2/IEC60529等);

-       实验室管理体系ISO/IEC 17025基本知识;

-       产品认证相关基本知识(CE、UL、KC、UKCA等);

-       流利的英语书写和口语能力;

-       具有职业安全和实验室工作安全相关意识和经验;

-        统招本科及以上学历,电气工程、电力电子、自动化等相关专业;

-       较强的逻辑思维能力,较强的自我学习能力;

-       熟悉 SIEMENS STARTER 软件者优先;

-       具有自动化测试开发经验者优先;

-       具有国际团队工作经验者优先;

-       研究生学历优先。

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Electrical Drives Ltd.

Experience Level: Early Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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